The Story of Stacey and Lethy

I promised that I would tell the long story of how Stacey and I came to be. So here it is.  I’m not really sure where exactly to begin, like I said it’s a very long story, so I’m just going to start with the beginning as I know it and go from there.

Kenedy and Three Rivers Texas are 2 small towns that are about 30 minutes apart it was between these two towns that our love story unfolded, even though for most of our lives we didn’t really know that.

When I was 3 years old I moved to Three Rivers from the panhandle of Texas. My Grandfather had passed away and from what I understand my mom who worked as a nurse in the hospital where he died was having a hard time going back to work there after his death. My grandfather was a saint on Earth. He was not my biological grandfather but he loved my mom and me like he did everyone who was biologically his. My uncle had lived in Three Rivers for a while by then and so when my mom told him she really didn’t want to stay where we were he came and got us.  He came with a friend named David, which is a part of our story too.

When I was about 5 I guess, my mom and I moved to Kenedy.  That is where I grew up. I started school there, learned English, started going to the First Baptist Church for vacation bible school and as I got older I attended youth group there. I had a rough childhood, not really something I want to get into in this post but it is important to note that I was not the all American “good girl next door” type of teenager. I was a wreck.

My best friend Stephanie and I were obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with New Kids on The Block. She loved Joey and I loved Donnie.  We had life sized posters of them all over both our rooms and that is what we did, daydream of leaving Kenedy and marrying our dream guy who was gonna look just like Joey or Donnie. One day, in the 6th grade, we were standing at Stephanie’s locker outside of history class talking, and don’t you know that a Donnie Walberg twin came walking down the hall. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was the hottest boy I had ever seen in real life. He had on a white T shirt with the sleeves rolled up, James Dean style, jeans and white high tops. (LOL!! High tops)  I wish I could take that picture out of my head for you so you could see just how much he looked like Donnie Walberg!

From that moment on, my life revolved around Stacey Wayne Adams. I loved him from the minute I laid eyes on him until this day. When he walks into the house after work and puts his arm around my waist and kisses me hello, I get the same feeling rushing through my body that I did on that day when I first saw him.

We did the typical Jr High relationship things, we ran around town going from making out in all the wrong places to fighting and breaking up. Stacey was the first boy I kissed. Our first kiss was on the steps of that First Baptist Church, which is where he proposed to me many, many years later.  We made out on the stairs inside the church and we laughed so much. We were always laughing, still are.  I wrote him notes every day and he kept them in his nightstand.  Every morning when we’d get to school the first thing I’d do is get his book away from him, we used those brown paper bags for book covers, and I’d write “Lethy Loves Stacey por vida” ALL over it. He’d rip it off and put on a clean one and I’d do it again. At lunch time I would fight to be the first one in line to get into the cafeteria, not to eat but so I could fill the Jukebox up with love songs to Stacey. I have plenty of witnesses that can back up just how much my world revolved around Stacey Adams in Jr High. He was my Love, he still is.  I can’t tell you how many times I prayed that Stacey and I would get married. I would pray with tears streaming down my face for God to make Stacey love me.

Then like most relationships go in Jr high, we broke up. I really spiraled out of control and eventually went back to Three rivers to live with my uncle and Stacey went to San Antonio and then to the Valley and we lost touch.

He went on to get married have 3 boys; I had Anthony then got married and had my other 3 kids. I moved from Amarillo to Houston, back to Amarillo about 4 times and then finally in 2007 after my best friend, Homer, died I was ready to get out of Amarillo for good and start a new life. I prayed for God to help me be happy, I would do anything He asked; I just wanted to change my life. I was so tired and broken.  So one day I packed everything I thought was important in the trunk of my car and headed to Austin. My ex-husband was here and I was going to give that relationship one more try. It wasn’t long after getting here that I realized that trying to make that relationship work was like beating a dead horse. So here I was in Austin without most of my friends, no family and my kids to support.  I was not going back to Amarillo, no way, no how.  So I had a meltdown in my closet. That’s what I do when things get crazy, I melt.

 A few weeks before my closet meltdown, Candie and I had to go to Kenedy for something and as we drove through town I told her about Stacey, showed her his old house, and the 1st Baptist Church and told her all about Stacey Adams, who was the reason I was so in love with anything Walberg and had any movie with either Mark or Donne Walberg in it. She laughed and I went to sleep wondering what had happened to Stacey.

So my closest meltdown was on January 1st, 2009. On January 2nd I got a message from Stacey on MySpace. He was in Iraq. He told me he had lived in the Austin area for 12 years. HOLY COW!! I got to Austin on June 2nd 2008; he had left to Iraq on May 17th of that year. We had barely missed each other. From that message on we have been together. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that we haven’t spoken. Even when he was the maddest at me he would send me an email even if it was a grumpy one. LOL

Stacey had until May to be in Iraq. At that point he could either go on a 2 week R&R or stay home. When we first began talking we knew we loved each other, but we were nowhere close to making a lifelong commitment to each other. We hadn’t seen each other in 17 years. So we had decided that we would meet in Italy for his R&R and take it from there.  He paid to get my passport and that was the plan. Well as we got closer and closer to May we decided that he would just come home, we would see how it went and if it went well he would just stay and start his company. Man the wait for May 17th was forever!! I drove Candie crazy the whole time. Finally the day came and I headed to the airport to wait for him.  I’ll never forget seeing him coming down the escalator at the airport. He was so cute, and my heart jumped to my throat.  Well needless to say that he did not go back to Iraq. We moved to Round Rock and that’s where our life started.

In the 3 years that we have been together we have learned that we knew each other as little kids. Stacey’s dad and my uncle were good friends and worked together. My aunt babysat Stacey and his sister Missy, and we would play together. One time we were playing in my aunt’s closet and made a mess and she gave me the only spanking she ever gave me in my whole life. When I saw a picture of Stacey as a little boy I realized he was the brat that got me spanked and I kicked him. LOL I told you how my grandfather had passed away when I was 3 and that’s why we moved to 3 Rivers, well the tombstone that is at my Grandpa’s grave came from the funeral home that Stacey’s dad ran. And David the friend who helped bring me and my mom to 3 Rivers is Stacey’s step-uncle.  My uncle has known Stacey since he was a baby, he taught him how to start a fire in the BBQ pit. Stacey feels like a part of my family in 3 Rivers, because he is a part of it. My cousins all have known him since he was a little boy and vice versa. So that’s our story. It’s a modern day fairy tale, but the moral of the story is that God hears all our prayers, He’s always faithful and what he has planned for us is way better than what we can plan for ourselves. All we have to do is believe and have faith.

I found a picture of my cousin Norma’s wedding, where I was the maid of Honor. I remember thinking how beautiful that wedding was and how I wished that Stacey and I would get married like that. I remembered that I had prayed for that during that wedding Mass, but up until I saw that picture I had forgotten all about it. Well if you compare the pictures of Norma’s wedding to mine you’ll see God forgets nothing and He answered that prayer, even if I had forgotten I’d even prayed it! He’s awesome!!!


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