Saints; God’s way of letting us know that there is hope

So I woke up this morning and read someone who I’ve known since childhood was having a hard time. For some reason the bible verse that came to mind was “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  (oh and before I go on let me say that I think my guardian angel woke me up at 4:45 am to give me a bright idea about Saints. It was my first update this morning. He was YELLLLING that whole thing in my head over and over until I got up and let him know I heard him and did he realize it was 4:45 in the MORNING!!??!! He did not care. Rude) Before I you think I’ve lost my mind today, which I thought of, let me tell you the rest. Where was I? Oh yeah the verse, so I commented on my friend’s update with that verse and went to brush my teeth. The Word Among Us lives in our bathroom so we can read it first thing in the morning. As I looked over with one eye open and grumbling about the angel who has no concept of time (orrrr does he? ::squinty eyes::) I saw a picture of my favorite face looking up at me from the pages of the magazine. St Terese. (I have tears in my eyes just thinking about how much she has put herself in my life the past few years.)

There was story about a woman who had reverted back Home to the Catholic Church (reverts are people who have always been Catholic but who never really understood the teachings of the Church or had a relationship with Jesus and then somehow have an encounter with Him and His Church and come back HOME.) Well the story was about her encounter with Christ and how it changed her life.  She talked about how it all came about with the help of St Terese, in St Terese style; the scent of roses.  In the story she talked about her dad and how he was an atheist. She prayed and prayed for his conversion and it finally came before he passed away. He agreed to see a priest and received the sacraments before his death. The date of his death was March 15th of last year. My birthday is March 15th. Then she said two quotes that had me in tears. 1.) God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. That quote hit me hard a few months ago when Fr Sullivan said it during his Homily 2.) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (GET OUT!!) All of these things were all signs from the Saints saying they are cheering me on. That I’m not alone.

You see I have been feeling very very BLAGH for the last few weeks. Spiritual dryness doesn’t even seem to cover the way I’ve been feeling.  It has not been pretty. I have felt like I’m literally being ripped apart from the Love of God. I can’t explain why, but I’ve been holding on to dear life to Christ in the Eucharist. I’ve had nightmares that I’m standing in front of the evil one and he is just laughing at me and mocking God. And all I can do is stand there. I’m trying to pray but I can’t. I try and try to say a Our Father or Hail Mary and I just can’t even get the word “Mary” out. They are horrible dreams.  When we went on our trip to San Antonio I prayed for the intercession of St Terese for all my prayers and the big one being that I have the strength to endure this desert that I’m in. I’m a baby first of all and I am all about living based on my feelings. So when I don’t “feel” God, I go all melodramatic and think He has abandoned me. (very St Mary Magdalene)  So I asked for her prayers for that as well as for the miracle baby.  Last Friday I received a rose, which a classic sign from St Terese that she has heard your prayer and has passed it on to God. Stacey’s mom is the one who told me that. I never knew that before in my life, and I learned it from a Baptist. LOL

So needless to say that I have been praying for St Terese’s intersession and she seems to be telling me that she hears me and is praying for me. The fact that I woke up on All Saints Day to a picture of her made my day AWESOME.  (Even if I’ve been up since the crack of dawn!)

The Saints reminds us that we really can do all things through Jesus Christ our Lord who is our salvation .They are proof of that and they are praying for us. They are God’s way of letting us know that there is hope and we are not alone.


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