7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 4)



On Monday I went to help with RCIA and as always when I don’t want to do something I get the greatest blessing from it. I did not want to go. I don’t have my own group and it was no big deal to miss out. But something told me to go. Father Jonathan did a great job speaking on the Sacraments!! The group I helped with talked about the homework they had. It was about the Pope and the See of Peter. None of them really got much out of it. Like most people who don’t know or understand about the seat of Peter, they just didn’t get how that had anything to do with Sacraments or the Church. I am so thankful for the trip to Rome. I could tell them my experience and how my trip there made me understand that the Vicar of Christ is what make the Pope important. His seat is bigger than the man etc. I could see their face change and their hearts open to learning more about the Holy Father.




Then I asked Father Jonathan 3 of the hardest questions anyone can ask a priest and he had 10 minutes to answer. 1.) Why do Catholics think the Pope is so important 2.) Explain the parable of the 10 virgins and 3.) Why can’t women be priests. AND he did it. Here is the video if you don’t believe me. You have to watch until the end though….bwhahaha




The Penn State story just makes me so sad. There are many adults who do nothing when a child is in that situation. But the thing that gets me is how so many in the news want to automatically compare it to the Catholic Church. Both are horrible examples of adults abusing children, yes. But so many people want to say if only women could be priests or if only priests could marry this wouldn’t happen. Well these coaches can marry so what does the media say? “Oh both are male dominated institutions” BARF How bout both are horrible tragedies that we as society need to work on changing? Anyone who is Catholic knows all the classes and measures put up for the safety of children now days. Are other organizations involved with children doing the same? Before ppl point the finger on the Catholic Church every time something like this happens they should check their facts about everything She is doing to protect Her children compared to other organizations involving kids. I had a parent tell me that I shouldn’t feel safe with my kid spending time with a priest. I told her she shouldn’t feel any safer with her son spending time with anyone in this world. As someone who was sexually abused as a child I can tell you that ANYONE can do it, and when a child tells an adult their first instinct is to say nothing and do nothing. I told plenty of people. Nobody listened. And the ones who did made things worse. So as parents all we can do is educate ourselves and our kids. Teach them to tell US if anything happens to them and as Dr Phil says take every accusation as true until proven otherwise. But bringing up what happened in the Catholic Church does nothing to change it, unless they talk about what we as Catholics are doing to try and insure the safety of our kids.




I did a spot for The John Paul II Life Center on Tuesday. And during the interview God smacked me in the head with my mission and I am super excited!!! Please keep me in prayer as I go in haste to find people to help me! I will unveil the mission as soon it’s clearer.




I was so excited to read a blog post by one of my favorite people! Sr Elizabeth Ann was a guest blogger on the Catholic Sistas blog this week. Sr Elizabeth Ann is Flea’s BFF!  She belongs to The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist.




I’m so excite about Ralph Martin speaking at St William Catholic Church tonight and tomorrow morning! With everything that has happened this week I think it will be a huge blessing to hear!




I’m having lunch with someone very awesome today! I’ll give you a hint; she has something to do with why I finally had the courage to start blogging and is very influential in the 7 Quick takes Friday!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE







One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 4)

  1. I love it when God rewards me for doing something I wasn’t really looking forward to doing by turning the occasion into a tremendous blessing!

    I’m sorry that you were abused. I agree with you that it is a terrible tragedy that is far too often not addressed. Through the VIRTUS training that is required in our Diocese and many others, I learned a lot more about what to look for in terms of warning signs of predators and victims. It is devestating how many people have been hurt over the years. It’s true that there isn’t one faith, group of people, or section of society that hasn’t been affected by this. Pointing to the Catholic Church as the main source of this abuse is ignorant and detrimental.

    Fortunately God is bigger than any abuse. His healing is much greater, deeper, more profound than any type of comfort or counseling here. We’ll just have to keep praying that more people will come forward and speak the truth, stand up for what’s right, and have the courage to dispel the darkness.

    God bless!


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