There are times on this journey that I forget that I’m ON a journey. There are times, in fact *most* of the time I forget that. I tend to think of myself as “already there”. It’s kind of like saying that I’m “saved” in my mind.  Tonight I was reminded that I am actually on a journey and that journey requires change. Constant change and the person that is in charge of that change is Jesus, and then it’s my choice whether or not to do it. 

Tonight Noe gave a talk about repentance. I have heard this talk a lot of times, but for some reason today it was different. In his talk he talked about how we all have something that needs to change, always. There is never a time that in this walk with Jesus that we are on this Earth that we don’t have something that needs to change about ourselves or our lives.  When he said that I thought “Jesus, what is it that I need to change right now?” and His answer was my attitude on Facebook. RUDE!!!!

So, it’s no secret that I’m on FB a LOT and that I’m very passionate about my beliefs. I’m very Catholic and very Pro-life. I’m not apologizing for either of them, but I could use less time on Facebook reading the anti-Catholic and pro-abort comments on threads and in comment boxes. They make me angry. And then I get rude. Rudeness does *nothing* to open discussion, discussion is needed to help people to understand what we believe. 

Catholics do not want to ban birth control. Now, if we could we would, maybe, but that is not what we are upset about. We are upset that we are being forced to violate our moral beliefs when there are plenty of other places women can go get birth control, sterilized and abortions. There is not need to make Catholic hospitals or employers provide these services. None. But we can never get that across to people by debating them in anger. Not only do we defeat our purpose, but we do more harm that good. We lose the second that we get angry and speak out of anger. 

I’m so guilty of this. I have apologized for it once, and then went right back to doing it. So today I’m taking a hiatus from my Facebook and debates on Facebook. I have plenty of other things that I need to do and plenty of homework to do. Lent is coming up soon and Jesus and I have some changes to work on. I do not do the pro-life movement any good with rude words and filling myself with thoughts of drop kicking people. 

Please keep me in your prayers as I take this time to focus on my family, my work, and my dream of opening a Maternity home. Oh and school. LOL 

I will be posting blog posts God willing to let everyone know how I’m doing and I will post on my Facebook, but it will not be as much or as heated. 

God reminded me today of what He is calling me to: Conversion. Constant conversion. He is asking that from all of us.


4 thoughts on “Conversion

  1. I “fasted” from fb on Wednesday and offered it up for the recent HHS ruling. It is refreshing to stay away, but I had no idea how habitual I was on fb. Peace be with you, my sister in Christ.


  2. Love you, Leticia! I could have written this myself. I will be taking my annual break during Lent. I want to serve women in crisis, as well. I look forward to chatting with you when you return! XXOO


  3. I’m right there with you Leti! I have been getting soooo upset at the crap I see. I cannot believe it. My husband and I stayed up late having a conversation about this VERY thing last night. I am also tempted to walk away from FB for awhile……It literally makes me nauseous.


  4. You a such a great gal…so happy I ‘know’ you! I can take a lesson from this post myself. Just maybe, I’ll push back from the computer after I’ve done what I HAVE to do, rather than lingering for what I WANT to do! God bless!


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