Quick Takes Friday Vol. 5


So how is everyone’s Lent going? Mine is going pretty good. I gave up Facebook and it kind of sucks. But I find a lot more time to do my homework and to cook dinner for my family. I’m learning a lot of lessons about Facebook through fasting from it. 1.)How much drama it brings to my life. 2.) what it can be used for if you don’t fall for #1 and that if I learn temperance I just may be able to use it for the Glory of God. In that case, I may not be back on until I’m 90!


I’m reading a great book by Ralph Martin. He has been assigned to the Pontifical Council of the New Evangilization, and spoke at my parish a few months ago. The book is called “The Fulfillment of All Desire“. It is an AMAZING book! He uses the words of the Saints to write about the journey that we are all on; The journey to become saints. It is a great read and I would recommend it to anyone who has woke up and thought “How the heck am I supposed to be a saint?! Seriously God, do you know who I am?”


Am I the only one who talks to myself? Just wondering. I post those kinds of things a lot in my blog and I started to have this small panic attack thinking that people will think I’m nuts and my kids will be taken away from me………all because I blog about how God and my guardian Angel talk to me and I talk to myself. See, my panic is coming back. I don’t actually hear voices, PS. So, if you have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to hearing God let me just say it’s kind of like on Transformers. How Bubble Bee talks to the kid, he doesn’t TALK to him, but he uses things to get his message across. And yes, I just used Transformers to talk about Theology. You should hear my whole Theological perspective of that movie.


School is going pretty good. 17 college hours is NO JOKE! When I told people how many hours I was taking everyone told me that I couldn’t do that. Which of course meant I was going to prove them wrong and do it. I am doing it and  I think I  have B’s in all my classes and maybe a A in one. But it’s kicking my butt!  I have 4 tests next week and a presentation due on Monday. o.O


Evangelizing: There is a girl in one of my classes who I was talking to about the HHS mandate and was telling her a little about my past. I told her that while I don’t regret my past because it has made me who I am and brought me close to God I wish that I had known the truth. And she asked me “You wish you had known what?” and I just couldn’t put into words how much of myself I had given away listening to the lies of the world who told me that sex was a recreation and not the truth about the beauty and love of sex between spouses. I told her about how awesome it is to have God be a part of me and my husband’s sex life. When I saw the look of disgust on her face, I remembered who I used to be and that I would have made that same face a few years ago. I almost cried in thankfulness for God’s Grace. He is so good. Please pray for my classmate. May she come to see the truth about how Loving and Merciful God is.


On that note, my two Jr High boys started taking Theology of the Body for Teens at our Parish last night. I really thought they were going to hate it and give me a bunch of crap about having to go, but they didn’t. They loved it! They talked and asked questions for half a hour afterwards. And we had a really good talk about me and my ex husband’s divorce. I think that them learning about true love helps them realize that me and their father were not equipped with that knowledge and Stacey and I are and that is the difference in the two marriages. It seems to be bringing them some healing from the divorce. I am so grateful for that.


It’s Friday! YEY! What are your plans for the weekend? Mine are to study : BOOO 🙂 I have a post up at the Catholic Sistas blog if you would like to read it. Have a good weekend! God Bless.


One thought on “Quick Takes Friday Vol. 5

  1. My name is patty Jimenez and i was reading all your posts. actually that is a good way to let out everything. keep it up. I also like to talk about God and how wondeful he has been with me.


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