What Pope Benedict Means to Me (by my 11 year old daughter)

Flea is my youngest daughter. Flea has been her nickname since she was a baby and I’m using that for her name as my guest blogger for this post. Flea has always been something else. She was a preemie, but you would never know it. She has always been a firecracker since she is the baby of 4 and the only girl. And she has me as a mother. Flea is everything that I always wanted to be. She is bold, confident and just all around comfortable in her own skin. She has wanted to be a nun since we were in RCIA and she saw the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist on Oprah. She turned 8 during our preparation for Easter Vigil which meant that she could receive all of her Sacraments, or just be Baptized. After talking with her and her talking to Father we decided that she was very prepared for full initiation. What made that very clear was how she talked about the Eucharist. She knew that the Eucharist was Jesus and she wanted to receive Him. She has never wavered in her faith and is the most faithful Catholic child you could ever meet. She is not perfect, but she is faithful. She loves Christ and she will tell anyone without one single ounce of shame or embarrassment. She keeps me on my toes and holds me accountable as her mother. I love this child.


And here is her debut blog post:

Pope Benedict the 16th

What Pope Benedict means a lot to me because, he was the first pope when I became Catholic and when  I found out he was pope I thought he was old and stuff, but I soon realized he is as sweet as candy! Pope Benedict is a sweet old man that I would love to meet. I am so sad that he is resigning, but then again can’t wait for the conclave! I know the only reason that he is stepping down if for the church but I wish he would stay. I hope Benedict will be remembered as much as the other Popes. My best wishes for His Holiness and for the Church at this hard time.


Love, Flea


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