Open Letter to Lil Wayne

Dear Lil Wayne,

My name is Leticia and I’ve been listening to your music since your very first mix tape. I’ve loved the color red because of your love of red since forever and a day. Everything that I own is red. I even have a red tattoo. Red is the color of gangstas.  I have bought almost every album you have ever made.  I’ve jammed to your music with my windows down and the wind just blowing through my hair. I’ve rode around in the hood with your music blasting through my speakers feeling alive. Hell,  I’ve danced on speakers to your music. I do believe you are the best rapper alive. I love your music so much that my oldest son loves your music almost as much as I do. When he found out you started skating he was so happy to have something in common with you. He bought your skate clothes and when you skated with Paul Rodriquez he thought you were the coolest man ever.

You have a gift to rap to beats that nobody else has. Nobody can ever copy your talent. Nobody.

But I have a problem with you.  I just listened to Dedication 5. This is real talk right here: the way you talk about bitches, hoes and turning them out is beginning to be a real problem for me. Not because I’m a Christian Catholic, as I hear you are, but because I am a woman. Because I was one of those girls getting turned out. I was a drunk bitch every weekend for a very long time. I made very bad choices, and some of them were my choices, but I was looking for love. The men who took advantage of that are not heroes, they are cowards. Your songs make it seem like that is a cool thing to do to a woman. No, it’s not. Men are made for greatness. It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman. (Words from Pope John Paul II). I know you know this because you have a daughter. You have been a loving father to you children and you wouldn’t want any harm to come to them. Well, every “drunk hoe” is someone’s child.  I really thought you got this when I heard “How to Love”. I am the living example of that song. I really wish you would make more music like THAT and not this degrading women crap.

Why can’t you just make good music without all that in it. I’m not trying to tell you how to rap or write music.  I’m telling you that our sons look up to you, show them that a real man respects women and protects them. Real men don’t do anything to take advantage of a girl when she is drunk or wasted.  Use your fame to teach our sons to be real men.

You are Lil Wayne, you are a boss, please start acting like it.


One of you biggest fans


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