7 Quick Takes (Vol 8)





The good thing about being late to the 7 Quick Takes party is that I can read Jen’s list and cheat off of it.


That means that I can answer the question of what my personality theme song would be. I am an ENFP and my personality them song would be “Born Free” by Kid Rock. Yep, when I hear that song my soul sings “YES!”.  The video is the BEST.


I’m listening to it right now and thinking of all the things that I can write about that I love, that I want to do, that I want to write about, that I want to see and how many people in the world who need my help. I’m also thinking of taking a shot of whiskey and standing on the roof somewhere yelling how much I love Jesus while giving the devil the finger.


Speaking of whiskey: It Friday! Thank God! This week has dragged on like crazy. It’s fall and that means that my energy level starts acting up. I am ready for bed by 4pm. It’s also raining here which makes me even more sleepy.


I mentioned my grand baby on a couple of posts. Her name is Aaliyah and she is the cutest baby alive. I love her. My son is 19 and when he came to me to tell me that his girlfriend was pregnant, I was shocked. Of all my kids, I really thought he would be the one to make sure to never get a girl pregnant outside of marriage. I was super blessed that the day after he told me I was at a pro-life banquet. That’s where I announced to all my friends that my son knocked someone up. It worked out well. Baby is 3 months old now and is the greatest blessing to this family. Please keep my son and his girlfriend in your prayers.


I have read bits and pieces of Papa’s interview, but I plan to sit down with it today and really read it. We had our Pastoral Council retreat the other day and I think that a lot of people are on the same page with Pope Francis. I am certain that it’s the Holy Spirit.


At the retreat I talked to my priest about getting off of Facebook. I will write a longer post about what I have thought about. I cheated yesterday and logged in to see what was being said about the interview with the Pope and sure enough ended up mad for hours just from that. I don’t think that it’s Facebook at all. I think it’s me. I have a lot of work to do on myself before I can get back on there. That really sucks because I miss talking to friends. I think that we as a society have added an emotional part to Facebook that just shouldn’t be there. But that is a whole other story. Anyway, yes, I was on Facebook yesterday. Yes, I said I was going to stay off of it and yes, I cheated.

PS somehow I got to 7 and didn’t mention this. Pork filled bullets meant to send Muslim extremists to hell. Seriously, we are in need of some divine intervention. Jesus please hurry back.

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