7 Quick Takes Vol 10



How is everyone’s New Year goin’? Mine is pretty good. Things are still kind of crazy around here and I still need to go to confession, but overall, it’s going pretty good.


One of the things that I wanted to do from now on is make sure that my family all sits down and eats dinner together every night. That means that I have to cook dinner every night, and I’ve done really good this week. I got into the really bad habit of thinking that my family was a burden to me. That cooking and cleaning are burdens to me. At some point in my whining God reminded me that this family is a gift and getting to cook is a gift. I was reluctant to believe Him, but after cooking and setting the table all week, I now see that He is totally right. The stress level in the house is very low right now.


While the stress between everyone in the family is low, the stress of life is still there. I don’t even know if it’s stress, but I am constantly exhausted. I feel like I can’t get enough sleep. I still haven’t started Zumba, which I plan to, so that might be part of my problem, but really everything makes me tired. I feel emotionally, spiritually and physically tired. Anyone every have that happen? Any ideas on what it is?


I have realized just how much I love writing. A few months ago I sat down and talked to Jennifer Fulwiler who to me that she thought that I really had a gift to write. I didn’t think of it much because I have terrible grammar and I feel like a crazy person talking when I write, but the more I read about writers and the craft of writing the happier I am. I’m still not making much progress on my book, but I’m falling in love with the craft. I’m also pretty excited to be learning about it. I do consider myself a writer because I love it so much, but I know that I have a lot of work to do before I could ever be as good as some people.


Like Elizabeth Scalia. That woman can WRITE! I gush over her writing a lot and it’s because she always writes something that whacks me over the head and makes me want to be a saint. When I am being a big pansy she pulls me out of that funk with her words. I don’t know how she does it, but I want to write like that some day. She has a new book titled,  “I Don’t Want to be a Hoo-er: Essays on Faith, Family and Foolishness”. I highly recommend it.


I’m having an issue with makeup. I’ve tried to wearing it every day so I can get out of the “just crawled out of a dumpster” fad that I’ve been in. The problem is that I keep breaking out every time that I put the stuff on. I break out with these ugly painful pimples. Any make-up recommendations?


And because I obviously have a complete handle on my Social media addiction, I have started spending more time on Pinterest. (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?!) But seriously, my husband was given a saw table and he had a router that his ex-wife gave him for Christmas one year that he finally started using so Pinterest got a lot more interesting this past week. He made me some bookshelves and that made me fall in love with him all over again, because who doesn’t LOVE bookshelves? I really need to him to graduate from making bookshelves to building me this writing room in the back yard.

Go see Jennifer for more Quicktakes!


5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol 10

  1. Regarding makeup, try to recall the last time you bought any. If it’s old, it could be contributing to your reaction. You also might want to consider switching brands or adopting a more minimalist look.


  2. Also, don’t forget that the Supreme Artist made your face. The glow and confidence remembering that can give you will make you look like a million bucks regardless of what else you wear.


  3. I really identify with your #2. Having dinner all together is so good – and hard, even though it shouldn’t be. But it’s not that hard when I just decide I’m going to do it.


  4. I ended up enjoying it a lot. I think that the *thought* of having to do it is what makes me dread it, but if I just do it then I enjoy it. I don’t really know what is going on with me but I’m in such a funk where I do not want to do anything. I need to get over it already and just do it! LOL


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