A Light Post

Because I’ve blogged about some serious things, I figured I should write a post that shows a lighter side of my life and of myself. So here are a few of the things that I love that I have never written about.

***If after my Hoe to Housewife post, any of these things offends you, then you’re weird. Just sayin’

**My Favorite Band**

My favorite band is Seether. That is a really hard thing for me to say because I love a lot of bands. Most people think that I love Lil Wayne the most, but that’s not the truth, Seether is the band that I love the most because they are awesome. If there is ever a movie made of my life (and I’m not opposed to having a home movie made about me) Seether’s “The Gift” is the song that will play when I encountered Jesus in the parking lot of St. William after hearing Noe speak about God’s Love when I began RCIA.

The reason that I love Seether is because when one of my best friend’s went into remission from bone cancer she wanted to see them in concert. They are from South Africa and she’s from South Africa and when she was sick I dedicated “Broken” to her. Well, they were in town in Amarillo for a concert and I decided to stalk them since I knew they would be doing a radio remote at Hooters, which I used to work at. When I got there they were cool, as in they didn’t get security to throw me out nor did they try to sleep with me. They just bought me some beer, called Tash on the phone and put us on the guest list to the concert. They were humble and kind. Most of my experience with other bands and musicians was that I would have been treated like a groupie for even showing up to stalk them. The lead singer dedicated “Broken” to us at the end of the concert and then let us go back stage so Tash could meet them in person. I would post the picture of us that night but I had serous boobs showing and Tash would KILL ME, if I put that picture on my blog.

**My favorite Comdedian**

I love me sum Kat Williams. I know all his routines by heart. He cusses A LOT, so please do not Google him if black comedians who cuss a lot and say “bitches” a lot offend you. Just take my word for it; he’s hilarious. (I’m not even gonna link it so you can’t blame me if you Google him yourself.)

I first discovered Kat when I worked at Olive Garden and I was seeing this guy that I called Spin Dip. (He was the appetizer guy on the cook line and had green eyes, so it fit) He was a real jerk to me and while I played it off as if it didn’t bother me because he was hot and I acted as if I was the one using him, this dishwasher named Big Joe knew that I was frontin’ and he called me on it.

“You need to learn somethings about life. You are too good to be lettin’ these guys (he used another word, but I’m not trying to make people think I’m a racist) use you like the way you do” he told me once when he caught me in the back crying. He gave me some Madea videos and some Kat Williams stand up. They changed my life. They might have made me hard-hearted, which I’m trying to let go of that a little, but at the time, in the life that I was living, I needed to harden my heart a little. I owe Big Joe a lot for taking me in and introducing me to Madea and Kat Williams.

** I own 2 Pit Bulls

Well, one is my oldest son’s dog and one is mine. The girl is Whiskey and the boy (mine) is Bourbon. I love them both to death. Bourbon is a spoiled brat. He sleeps with me (well, before I fell down the stairs and hurt my leg. Now he’s just waiting until I get better so he can because he doesn’t have any concept for body parts when he sleeps) and eats crayons when I leave because he just can’t stand being away from me. I love that dog.

Both of them are rescues. We rescued Whiskey when she was 4 months old from a kid who traded an iPod for her and then cut her ears himself because he’s a jackwagon. When we got her she was very scared and timid, but she warmed up to us quickly and has been the best dog ever. She looks scarier than she is, and she sounds like a monster when she barks, but she’s really sweet if she knows that you have my permission to be in my house. If you don’t, she will probably eat you, and that’s how it should be.

This is Whiskey when the trash man comes.
This is Whiskey when the trash man comes.

We got Bourbon from this wonderful rescue named “Don’t Bully Me Rescue”, they took him and his 10 siblings in when they were just tiny little puppies. When I contacted them to ask about adopting him, they acted like I was adopting a kid, but now that I’ve known them for 2 years, I realize that they really love their dogs. I have so much respect for Kim and Heather for what they do and I can never thank them enough for Bourbon.

This is my Bourbon, the best dog to ever live.
This is my Bourbon, the best dog to ever live.

I can’t stand when people make ignorant comments about pit bulls, and I will usually say something. I do not care who it is. Those stories are about dog owners, not pit bulls. My two dogs are awesome.

** I love professional wrestling

Like WWE wrestling. When I was 3 years old, I would watch it with my grandfather and it has always stuck with me. My favorite wrestler was Kerry Von Eric until he passed away (he killed himself) and that was so sad to me. Then came The Undertaker. My kids and I would cheer for him when he would come out. People in the next town could hear us screaming.  In the last few years I haven’t watched much, but he made a comeback last night and now I’m hooked again. He choke slammed Brock Lessner into a table and it was AWESOME.

**Last but not least, I watch the Kardashians

It started innocently and now I can’t stop watching it. I love watching people. It must be the bartender in me or something and I love watching how rich people live. It’s proof that no matter how much money you have, you still have the same problems in life as everyone else. They search for love and happiness just like everyone else. I respect their love for one another and that they still try to give to others. I have issues with how Kim puts so much worth in how she looks, in fact I find it kind of sad, but it’s my guilty pleasure to watch what she wears and how she does her hair.

So there’s a few things about me other than my undying love for Christ and His Church. What are a few things about you? I don’t care who you are, tell me something about yourself. 


11 thoughts on “A Light Post

  1. I know *some* pit bulls have hurt people, but I have never met a pit bull who was mean. I’ve just met the sweetest, nicest dogs who happened to be pit bulls. I think you’re right; some pit bulls are mean because they’ve been twisted by their owners. My mastiff sounds ferocious, and he probably would hurt somebody who tried to hurt me, but he’s actually a big scared baby puppy who needs lots of cuddles. So there’s something about me. Keep up your blogging—I love your stuff!


  2. I wish we could have a dog… any dog. Pit bull included. Those eyes!

    Professional wrestling makes me laugh- it’s just so dramatic!

    I’m a people-watcher, too, and while my hubby hates it, I like Sister Wives and Hoarders… I want to understand people who are different than me, what can I say- I’m fascinated by people who are so opposite of me! (Well, some days I come close to some of those hoarders…) 😉


  3. It is so dramatic. It’s hilarious, but I can’t help but watch it. It used to be much better and not so staged, but oh well.

    I love hoarders too!


  4. I’m an evangelical Christian that loves going to Mass and Pope Francis! Everytime he says something he blesses me. I like TV shows were they sell classic cars like the original Mustang Shelby Cobra, or a classic Camaro (my favorite is the blue with the white stripes). Music wise I really like Matt Maher, but the deepest music I ever heard is from Audrey Assad, especially the CD Fortunate Fall. Awesome. God bless.


  5. I keep going between wanting a camaro and a challenger. Not that I could get either, but I can dream!

    I have just discovered Audrey Assad and she’s awesome!


  6. I like those shows, too! It’s kind of a “train wreck” thing with Hoarders—I just keep watching, fascinated by how awful it is. And yet, there but for the grace of God go I.


  7. LOVE this. Seriously, I think the only un-PC thing you left out was smoking. Rock on.

    I’m not familiar with Kat Williams, but based on the description sounds great. My husband and I love stand-up: there’s so much risk involved, and it’s great to see how someone can make it a performance art. We’ve seen a guy named Bert Kreisher, who is known as “The Machine” based on his amazing skit about doing study abroad in Russia post-USSR. (Note: plenty of cussing and some crude humor). Feel free to not publish the link if you prefer, but here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHfroJBMlVM

    I’m also a fan of Dave Chappelle, and I really wish I’d been in DC the last time he came through.


  8. I was afraid to go see Too $hort, who I loved too early and too deeply, when he came to Anchorage — plus I had a two-month old nursing baby in the sling and was weirded out by how that would look in the parking lot where he was performing. (and YES I still regret that smart choice…) The baggage I have tied up in my historical music choices is too much for even Agustin, so I let them go. : )


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