Popularity is Overrated

Ever since I was a small child I never fit in with a clique. When I started school, I didn’t speak English so I was different and stood out. I met my childhood best friend in kindergarten and she stayed my friend up until a few years ago. She and I got along great most of our lives, although there were a few times that I back stabbed her and she back stabbed me, it’s bound to happen.

But other than that, there was no steady group of friends. When I go back home to Kenedy there is no group that I can meet for lunch that I can say “These were the girls that I ran with since childhood.”

Anytime that I have found a group that seemed to fit that was full of people who seemed to like me, something happens. I’d say something rude to someone, sleep with someone’s boyfriend, one of them would sleep with my boyfriend, or someone would say that I said something that I didn’t and then everyone would turn their backs on me. It’s happened in every stage of my life, with people from school to my family to my parish (well, I don’t sleep with random people anymore, but I do still say rude things to people.) but especially it has happened on Facebook.

I have some theories on why this happens to me. For one thing, I do not fit in a box, I have always said that, there is no one way to describe my style,vibe or whatever you wanna call it. I can hang with hood rats just as well as I can hang at a bonfire with rednecks. I can shoot whiskey straight, drink boones farm or drink cosmos. If I get real crazy, I’ll drink them all at the same time.

I have hung out with bands like Seether one weekend and then been a runner for Snoop Dogg another. I love Jason Aldean music as well as the Black Crowes, Gun n Roses and Nelly. I can’t stand 2 Chainz, but other than that, I’m pretty flexible when it comes to music genres.

There is no label for me except “Crazy Face”, which is where the name of this blog came from. That makes people, who love to be in a box and have their label maker ready to smack their idea of who that person is on them, very uncomfortable.

Oh, and I’m loud. I laugh loud, I talk loud, I get loud and I don’t have a problem saying “That is some stupid shiiz you are saying right there, fo realz!” to their face.

There are times when I get my feelings hurt when I realize that my dream of having crowds of people as friends is not ever gonna happen for me. There have been times when it seems like it’s gonna happen, and then it’s gone and I just sit around wondering what is wrong with me.

But in the last few weeks I have come to realize something through prayer and just reflecting on who I am and what I’m called to do in this world. I was not made to be popular. There were a lot of very holy people who were not popular. I’m mos def, not holy enough, but the fact is that I know for a fact that I am not one of those people who will ever be Ms. Popular, never have been and never will be. I used to think that was because God didn’t love me or I didn’t love Him enough. The truth is that it’s because holy doesn’t usually jive with popular. Not in the sense that I have thought of it.

Everyone knew who Mother Teresa was so in a way she was popular. She was friends with the Pope and Princess Diana but you didn’t see her having dinner parties at her place or going on trips to Europe and hitting up the coolest clubs. She wasn’t sporting the latest Kardashian sunglasses or yachting in Spain. She was working. She was working on being holy.

There is Kim Kardashian popular and there is Mother Teresa popular. I know which one that I want to follow.

I’m not putting down Kimmy K, I’ll write a post tomorrow on why I watch that show, but I’m just saying that there are people with different priorities and some want to be popular and others want to be saints.

The work that I feel called to do requires me to become holy, not popular. There will be plenty of people who will disagree with me on issues. The one thing that I’ve learned from Pope Francis is that you can’t make all people happy, all you can do is what is right and what is God’s will. I need to learn how to do God’s will more and not my own, but I also need to quit worrying about who does or doesn’t like me. I’ve said that before and yet, I still do worry about it sometimes.

There are people in our faith who make it blatantly obvious that they want everyone to know who they are, who they know and what they have contributed to the faith and that they are the authority on x,y, and z. Let me say this: with my pride, if I was popular and people liked me like that, I would go straight to hell. No doubt. So when I was crying in Jesus’ lap about why do people not get me, His answer to me was “Because you have some serious pride issues and if you had a following, you would be doomed.” Rude. Jesus keeps it real with me.

The only thing that I can do is what I’m called to do, write my lil blog posts, write my lil book and then preach Christ Crucified everywhere I go from the grocery store to the bar. I appreciate those people in my life who know that I’m unlabelable  (I totally made that word up) and love me just as I am.

Popularity is overrated, holiness isn’t.


7 thoughts on “Popularity is Overrated

  1. I was just thinking yesterday about a friend who is facing all the Big Questions (why exist? and so on). This person’s life is stripped of every comfort, and I’m sure many would consider that alone a tragedy. The prestigious & fulfilling job, the family rhythm, physical abilities they were once revered for. . . all gone. Add to that acute, intense pain of all varieties. Unending loneliness.

    But you know how we can ‘flip it’ and try to see this earthly journey in a macro sense, or like the backside of the tapestry? I hope that for my friend, the clarity that’s forced into situations like this can become a true gift. All the distractions aren’t an option, and our soul more naturally faces its end. What are we made for? Love your thoughts on this.


  2. Yes! Exactly, being laid up for 4 weeks helped me focus on that question. Not to mention some great conversations with a couple of friends and my husband.


  3. Yes! “Popularity is overrated- holiness isn’t” YES!

    So true! And sometimes, holiness is so painful! I think that’s something that gets left out a lot in churches these days- following Christ isn’t going to be all “la-dee-da” and flowers and butterflies. He said that we were going to have to take up our crosses and follow him- to lug around torture equipment to follow a guy who suffered and died.

    Found you through Conversion Diary- new follower!


  4. Right! Sometimes I tell Jesus to keep His cross and leave me alone then I go sit on a rock and pout. He always dupes me into picking it back up though. 🙂 Holiness is very hard!


  5. Leticia God is working on, and in, each one of us. I’m so glad he doesn’t give up on us, and I’m thankful for his GRACE. People that seem to have it all together, usually don’t. Instead of a crazy face they have a plastic face, and sometimes they are really hurting. I loved this article thanks.


  6. You wanna know what I think? (Don’t say no, or I will start bawling). I think you need to give yourself a chance. A chance to heal, a chance to become softer around the edges. Somebody once said “God loves us just the way we are, but He loves us enough to not leave us the way we are.” This is true for me and you and everybody else. I had my reversion like 19 yrs ago, and God is still softening my heart. I used to get Facebook Angry all the time, but not as much anymore.
    Anger is just a cover for sadness. And beyond my anger, there’s a sadness that God is healing more and more all the time. And the more He heals it, the more my heart can give and receive love from others. You never know what God has in store.Popularity IS overrated, but you never know what responsibility the Lord might place before you.
    Hope that wasn’t preachy or anything.


  7. Not preachy at all, and yes, you are so right. It takes a certain mentality to live in the hood, and it takes time to not think everyone is a cannibal trying to get one over on you. LOL!


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