And that’s a Wrap

I have never finished anything in my life. It’s kind of my thing, which is why when I tell my husband I want to sell our house and move to the ghetto so I can start a foundation to help gang members, he kind of just goes with it. The chances of me forgetting it in a few days is completely possible.

BUT I’m trying to change that. I finished RCIA and now I finished this 7 posts in 7 days challenge. YIPEEEEE! Those are probable the only two things that I’ve ever finished without the order of a county Judge. (I finished my year of probation)

I think that these words of Mother Teresa are the best way to close out this week of blog posts and Facebook debates for me. These are words I live by. They are my ammunition against the other voice that tells me that I’m nuts to even think that I’m capable of being a good Catholic, wife, mother, or disciple of Jesus Christ.  So, I’m sharing them with you. Have a great week ya’ll! I’m gonna take a nap!

Mother T


13 thoughts on “And that’s a Wrap

  1. Oh my gosh this is me. I never finish anything. Nine months ago, I decided the wallpaper in one of our bedrooms needed to go… yeah. It’s about half way gone. I realized that there was particle board (PARTICLE BOARD) underneath, and abandoned ship. Zeke told me from the start, “I can’t commit to helping with this project- it’s up to you!” So that bedroom won’t be usable until… well, until we move out.


  2. LOL! I would totally do something like that. We have the paint for our bathroom, we bought it 6 months ago. 😳


  3. We renovated a year and a half ago, and the bathroom needed some touch up, so I did It when we painted the kitchen, but it was not the same color of beige-brown-tan so now, 19 months later, the bathroom still has random splotchy “touch ups” of the wrong colour. Horrible. And this is our “guest bathroom”…


  4. Baby Catholic! SINCE when?!?!? Hermana! How are you? I’m from class of 2012 myself. I always love finding newbies! You are a hoot. Please don’t tell me you’re also from NYC because then I’ll just throw my laptop across the room.

    *Kind of struggled to the finish line myself with the #7in7 and that’s why I decided commenting this week (afterwards) would take some stress off!*


  5. No, I’m from Texas but I LOVE NYC!! Can’t wait to go back.

    Yes, I’m gonna go read posts and catch up. 🙂


  6. What ever you do I wish you well. My dad was a great admirer of Dorothy Day and part of The Catholic Worker’s Movement.  I believed in the triumph of goodness and God’s power, and I still do. My hubby & I with our “caboose kid”  17 yrs. old & moved near our wonderful parish in one of the worst slums in Detroit, and it lasted only 6 months.  What ever you want to do, be gentle with yourself.  Being a recovering alcoholic, it was rough on my nerves with gunfire day and night, whore house across the street, crack house on one side, GHB house on the other.  The GHB house sold drugs off their front porch like Tupperware and Amway.. One thing they tell you in AA is to stop throwing quarters in the _ss kicking machine.  We still go to our great parish, my heart is there, but it has a iron fence around it, guards, alarms etc. for a reason.  There was a lot of hostility toward white people.The entitlement mentality toward the parish from the neighborhood was profound.  I wanted to believe in the goodness of the human sprit rising wanted to be a  wholehearted person believing  best in people.. I took Minority Group Relations and aced it, I sure did not ace the test in a real down, dirty, and degrading area as Detroit’s 9th precinct. I just decided after that that I needed some compassion on myself and family.  If I entered a mental health facility, or started drinking again, that would not benefit anyone.  Believe me there are plenty of ways to escape right outside one’s doorstep without going very far.  We escaped to the ‘burbs where we all felt more secure, We could see our majestic Neo-Gothic parish church church from out front window, but also we saw hookers, pushers, violence, etc. in our view also. I talked to a wise woman that did missionary work and she was adamant that when a person is involved in a high stress area, it is important to have an “oasis”.  I did not even have a mirage! If you want to follow your dream. Go ahead, however, just be kind to yourself and respect your feelings to if things go south on you. Love God first, and always, Crazy-Face, but remember always to love and respect yourself also. Bless you bunches, Kay


  7. Thank Kay, I’m from the the ghetto so I know what there is there. It is all about God’s Will and everything else falls into place. It is hard to watch, I know, my ex-husband was a crack addict. But all of that suffering is rooted in self-loathing. Sometimes you can help and sometimes you can’t. Mother T knew this. I don’t know if I’m ready, but when I am, I know that the doors will open. God never gives me subtle signs. LOL


  8. Leticia, the quote from Mother Teresa just knocks me over. It is so filled with the Holy Spirit, it’s just amazing. These are the types of things that attract me to Catholicism. Thanks for all the encouragement!


  9. I have retreived Babies from garbage, not had an abortion when I said “been there, done that.  Please pass this truthful video on! God’s wee ones need the truth spread to protect them. My husband and I after seeing these unfortunate babies, will never be the same.  Truth lives, it is stronger than lies, pass this video on,  For God’s sake. Kay


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