7 QTs Blog Battles, Marriage, Writers and Termite Swarms



Sooo, I have been cheating terribly on my Lenten fast. That really shouldn’t be news to anyone who reads my blog. I have stayed off of most Social Media, but I found a blog post by Simcha Fisher and it sent me down the rabbit hole of a blog battle. Honestly, I think that everyone is saying “blog battle” because Jennifer Fulwiler brought up rap battles. Anyway, I entered into the ring of the battle and wrote this piece. It was linked in quite a few other posts on Patheos which I am humbled by. Mostly, I think it was a good discussion which brought up tons of other issues, which tends to happen when the Catholic blogosphere explodes.


I think that there were hurtful things said from parties on every side of the Marriage Blog Battle of 2014. Which makes me wonder if people who start blogging, especially when they are Catholic, understand just how much of a thick skin you have to have when you put yourself out there on posts. or books. I say this as someone who gets my feelings hurt because people take the bitchy things I say on Facebook to heart and don’t invite me to dinner parties, so that isn’t a jab at anyone, because I do it too. There comes a certain amount of crap that gets flung your way when you blog openly about your life. I say especially Catholics because there is always someone waiting to show you Cannon law # whatever the crap to prove you are a heretic or don’t know your faith. But that is part of the deal. If you can’t take the heat, then don’t blog. I mostly am saying that to myself.


Marriage is one of those things that is hard to discuss without bringing in your own personal experience, therefore some of what you say and some of your opinions are subjective. Most of them are, but some things are not. All the theology and knowledge of virtues doesn’t change the fact that humans are free and with that freedom they can easily do things that another person thought they would never do. There are plenty of examples of that. It also means that people are free to think they are the exception to that and that they will live in blissful happiness where they are proved right in their opinion that their spouse will never do X. I pray that they are right. We can’t simply stop discussing the fact that some people have difficult times in their marriage though.


Termites swarmed today! That might not be big news for anyone else in the Catholic World, but for me it is HUGE! Please pray for my husband and son. We own a pest control company and this is our busy season. Trying to get hard working men to sleep and eat well when they are busier than a cat trying to bury a turd on a sidewalk (that’s my husband’s saying) is not easy.


I just read Heather King’s memoir “Parched” and it was awesome. I could related to so much of what she wrote about being in bars and drunk. I had those days and reading her story made me remember all of it and why it’s not something that I should ever miss in my life. She is a great writer and you should check out her books if you haven’t already.


So, how is everyone else’s Lent going? Mine is going pretty good actually. I am so excited to start learning how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and I feel like things with my husband and I are back to being right again. There are still a few things to work out, but when isn’t there in life? Over all I feel like my relationship with God is back on track as well.


I’m about 3/4 of the way done writing my first draft of my memoir. I am hoping to have it done by Easter. And that is all I’ve got! Blessed Lent!

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