I have a Confession

Confession: I signed me and my husband up for Obamacare and I’m kind of excited to get to see a doctor on May 1st for my leg and to see my Catholic NFP OBGYN for other things, including maybe trying to get pregnant. I still think that this stupid law is going to bankrupt us as a country, but as my mentor said “It passed, might as well use it”. I think I will blog about it. It’s already been a PIA to be honest. We should have been covered March 1st, but since the website SUCKS, our application didn’t get finished until after March 15th.

Also, we signed up with Blue Cross, Blue Shield and I’ve had them before and they were awful. I had tonsilitis once and they tried to stick me with the bill since it was a “pre-existing condition”, so we will see how this goes with the ton of people they will have filing claims now.

I’ll be honest, I have only had health insurance twice in my life. I was on Medicaid with 3 of my pregnancies and because I had private insurance with my first child, the same ObGyn delivered my last two even though he didn’t accept Medicaid. He made an exception for me and it was a pain for his office. My kids all had Medicaid growing up and Medicaid doctors are not the most caring of doctors. I always felt as if my kids weren’t getting the same level of care as the kids with insurance were getting. A lot of times I just did the best I could to help them get over colds, the flu and allergies. I am all about having healthcare for my kids. But here’s the thing, if Obamacare is so great, then why all the twisted wording?

As I was reading the website and signing up, I started reading and it was full of crap. They didn’t even call the fine a penalty, they called it some flowery name like “helping your neighbor have healthcare fund” or something. Why not just call it what it is? Oh right, because we don’t call anything what it is, we use other flowery words so people don’t get their feelings hurt.

After I signed up, I felt the need to barf and take a shower. I still feel as if this is going to be doom for us, but as long as I’ve got it, then I will use it to help me have as many pro-life Catholic babies as God will give me and we can call it even.