7 Quick Takes about Friends, Books, and Vlogs




This is going to be the fast 7 QTs ever because I have spent all my writing time on the phone with cable companies trying to get our bill lowered. Ya can just pour me a drink now… oh except that I have to drive my youngest child, Flea, to her orchestra concert, which means that drink will have to wait. And this post will be fast. I already suck at grammar and such, so please excuse all that plus anything else that happens in this post.


Jennifer Fulwiler’s book was released this week!!! YIPEEEEEEEE! I still have to write a whole post on it because it is that awesome. So awesome, that I haven’t really been able to write anything worth a crap about it except, BUY IT.  It really is a great book and she really is that funny, smart and likable in real life.


Her friend Hallie, from Moxie Wife, made a Vlog (is “made” the right word? Who the hell knows and I’m in a hurry.) and it was the sweetest thing ever! I love how these two are such good friends. Not only are they great bloggers and great examples of Catholic wives, but they are also great example of friends.


Speaking of friends! My best friend, Candie, is getting confirmed this Saturday!!! I’m so happy for her. I love this woman and look up to her for so many reasons, but mostly because even though her best friend was a self-righteous bitch of a new convert who tried to FORCE her to think like me, she still sought the truth and found it. I was such a PIA to her for months. We even stopped talking, deleted each other from Facebook, the whole nine yards because of what a Pharisee I was being. We made up, because we always do and now she is going to get confirmed. I’m so freakin’ HAPPY!


My husband and I are in a really great place. We actually talk things out, there is no more resentment and I’m learning to love him and keep my mouth shut sometimes because there are time that I’m a lobster and that has nothing to do with him and vice versa. The end.


I started the habit of going to daily mass that Monday after Easter when I thought that my life sucked and everything was worthless. I really got so much peace out of it. I haven’t been for the last two days and I feel like I am missing something. It used to be that if I missed an episode of General Hospital that I would be so lost, but now I feel like I’m lost in where in the Gospels we are. I am going to make a point of going to daily Mass everyday starting next week. Not because I’m a saint, but because I need that time with Jesus so that I don’t lose my mind.


Lil Wayne’s new album comes out on Monday, May 5. That doesn’t really mean that much to most of the people in my life these days, but I’m still very excited about it. Not only because it is Lil Wayne, but because that is the day that my friend Homer died 7 years ago and having something to look forward to on that day, makes it easier to handle. Homer would have jammed that Lil Wayne album with me like crazy!

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