7 QTs about Haters, Loving Keyshia Cole and Modesty



I’m not really sure where to start this post, so I will just wing it and hope it all comes together. First let me just say that I am not “educated”  I finished the 10th grade (barely), took a few semesters of community college (that I barely passed) and I come from the country and ghetto, so there are times when I have to just write and not worry about being “proper”, otherwise I would just not write. I am Catholic and I respect my faith and the Sacraments to the max, but I am not a theologian. I just things the best way that I can to make sense. If I try to write like Cardinal Ratzinger, I will look like an idiot because that man is brilliant and I’m not. Sometimes I cuss because there are times when cuss words fit. I try my best to not use them, but sometimes when I am blogging I just let it all hang out. Well, not really or there would be a lot more cuss words, but I do let my guard down. This who I am, this is my blog, this is my story.


Yesterday I got an email from someone who was apparently forced to read my blog and was scandalized by it. I say forced, because that is the only reason that I can come up with on why someone would read a blog that they find to be scandalizing. If I came across a blog that I found scandalized me, I would stop.reading.that.blog. So clearly someone is using my blog as a means to torture good Catholic women.


To add to my day, I was made aware (by said emailer) that someone who has not liked me for a long time now (and in full disclosure the feeling is mutual) is still going around talking about how sad it is that I write about the struggles in my marriage because it makes marriage seem like a chore. I have tried to respond to that as nicely as I could without mentioning said person or their opinions. I try to avoid drama with this person or anyone else in the Catholic world of public people who are Catholic and get paid to talk to people who tell them how awesome they are, because I do not want any drama. It’s that simple. I am nobody. This blog is not about me getting paid, making a name for myself or anything like that. It is about me writing (which I love to do) about my life with Jesus as a Catholic wife and mother. (Although if someone WANTS to pay me, I wouldn’t say no.) It just so happens that lately, I have struggled with the wife thang and soooo I write about it. Anyone who thinks that marriage is a walk in the park is going to wake up one day after being married for a few years and freak the french toast OUT. That is unless they are a classic bully who is married to a wimp who doesn’t have an issue with being a doormat for a bully. I’m sure that those marriages have no “issues at all” for obvious reasons.


I was blocked by someone on Facebook yesterday as well. I don’t know this person in real life, but still it was kind of dumb because it was after I said one thing about how I don’t like how Catholics tend to always jump to the “if it were Muslims” argument every time that someone offends our faith. It is true, I don’t like that argument. When it came up yesterday during the Harvard hosting a Black Mass craziness, I stated that. THEN a priest wrote this in response to the incident and Elizabeth Scalia had this to say and I saw how it made sense to bring that up. If the person who blocked me (without discussion mind you) had waited around, she would have seen that I changed my views on the issue, which is typical of someone with my temperament (crazy, that is my temperament) to do. My point is that when discussing things on Facebook, or anywhere really and someone says something you disagree with, that isn’t reason to toss them into the “people I never want to see again” pile. Sometimes when we do that, it adds to someone’s  bad day. I am glad it happened though, it will remind me not to be that person the next time I run to the “block” button. Either on Facebook or in life.


After allllll that, I did what I normally do when people piss me off (AKA hurt my feelings).  I went to YouTube to watch hip-hop videos. I found this gem. It’s one of my favorite singers, Keyshia Cole and Nikki Minaj. I don’t like Nikki Minaj at all and I will give anyone who can translate what the hell she is saying at the beginning of her verse, a Hi-5 (I’m broke, so I can’t pay ya). But I love this song and it fits so well with how I feel about haters right now.


I am not sure really what people expect from a Catholic blogger, but I can tell you one thing: my life has been filled with mistakes, brokenness, heartache, tears and a lot of bad mistakes. Even after all that, I became Catholic. Why? Because when I was tired of doing things my way and being miserable this is the place where I found healing. That’s what Jesus does. The New Testament is full of these stories of Jesus coming across some sinner that was tired of being wounded and He healed them. I am not concerned with anything at all except telling the story of how Jesus healed me. It is what He has asked of me. If anything I say is scandalizing to you, then please go read a different blog. Maybe consider that being perpetually scandalized may just be a waste of time and energy. Whatever, just don’t send me an email stating how much of a disgrace I am to my faith.


On another note: apparently blogging about modesty is a great way to get traffic. Who knew? I’m working on another post about how a person can find beauty in the opposite sex without lusting after them. Anyone have any resources that I can read about that?


Finally, I leave you with this song by Keyshia Cole that sums up exactly how I feel. It is a song that went on her last album where she sang praises and thank yous to God for everything. It is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

For more Quick Takes, go see Jennifer at Conversion Diary! Can’t wait to read some of yours!


18 thoughts on “7 QTs about Haters, Loving Keyshia Cole and Modesty

  1. Thank you for enabling comments! I was afraid that you had disabled them because people had stomped on you. And that’s fine if you do. But I wanted to say something supportive, so of course I wanted to say it here.

    Basically, you rock. You came from a terrible background and turned your life around. No, you aren’t perfect. That’s probably because you aren’t Jesus or his mama. But I bet you’re working on it. Go you!

    I was blocked by a FB friend, too. He’s a guy I went to college with about a million years ago. I’d been in touch with him via FB for a few months and was enjoying contact with him, because he’s a very interesting person. Then I started a FB thread about how I oppose abortion but really really want to talk to pro-choice people about it, and I don’t want to condemn them but actually discuss abortion so that we can understand each other better. He unfriended me, and I’m pretty sure that’s why. I have a lot of left-leaning friends, and you know how it’s pretty much left-leaning Gospel that abortion doesn’t hurt anybody. Silly me for thinking that discussing things politely is a good idea.

    As for ideas on finding beauty in the opposite sex without lusting after them, you can check out the blog at http://www.piercedhands.com. Or you can directly email the owner of the blog. She might not have time to email you back, but it won’t hurt to try. Tell her you’re Catholic and that her mom sent you. That might help.

    And keep on blogging! You have a great writing voice!


  2. Thank you so much!!! I disabled them for Lent and then couldn’t figure out how to get them to stay back on! LOL

    Thank you for all your comments, they are always so nice to read!


  3. Hi Leticia, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I love people who are honest. That would be you! I love people who strive to serve God. That would be you! I appreciate your honesty about marriage and everything else that you blog about. We are in different places in our lives, yet we’re in the same big boat of life. I’m older than you. My kids are raised, I am married and was married once before. I’ve made tons of mistakes and am ashamed and yet forgiven! I was raised Catholic, but have most recently worshiped in Baptist or non-denominational Christian churches. I’m so happy when anyone finds their way to the Lord and worships as God leads them and finds comfort in His love and grace. You are no doubt reaching many people who have walked in similar shoes as you, and hopefully people who haven’t. We are all children of God and He loves us all no matter what our past is. What an awesome gift that is!!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You have a special gift of communication. Keep blogging! God bless you and your family!!


  4. You know what, if anyone is shocked by the things you have written on your blog, they haven’t been reading enough lives of the Saints. Nothing you’ve written about wasn’t said by St. Mary of Egypt first. (I hope you’ve read her story.) Hang in there. Life is a journey of conversion and we must expect resistance from the world, the devil, and the flesh when we are working hard to live a holy life, especially after a great conversion. God bless you, Letitia.


  5. I admire your willingness to be charitable to said person, even as she runs a campaign against you and drives traffic to your blog, all the while essentially seeking to harm your reputation. Dennis Miller often makes the point that detractors will watch you closer than fans, which is a curious truth of human nature (and Your Reluctant Reader & their friend the Self-Appointed Lifestyle Editor might do well remember that detraction is a sin, if they’re taking notes…).

    You have a freedom that comes with ruthless self-examination. It’s a gift, but hard-earned, and easily misunderstood by … lightweights? Is that the diplomatic term? You know ~ out of fairness for those who literally don’t grasp why you’d be so frank. We write to simply share what God has done for us, and if that road weaves through a bad neighborhood on the way to glory, c’est la vie.


  6. I am a Catholic woman and I have been reading your blog, and guess what! It’s not torture! Maybe the person who was forced to read it as torture was NOT a Catholic woman.


  7. I am not a hater but I am a TX mental health professional. You have borderline personality disorder. Reading your blog and it is evident. You need to consider the impact this has on your husband and children.


  8. That was my thought too. Who are these people, and where do they live? It’s like the folks who think Christian women wearing pants is a big deal. I just want to be like honey, you need to walk out of the subdivision.


  9. That’s why I’m not on Facebook anymore. I got tired of my family and friends – all good people in real life – going to virtual blows over politics and anything controversial. I like people of various religious and political backgrounds, and it’s frustrating to see that when I know good and well that it’d be much more reasonable if they talked about it on the front porch over iced tea.


  10. Ditto. Much kinder than I wanted to be. (does my restraint still count? I’M GOING TO NEED CREDIT FOR NOT ANSWERING) Histrionic Personality Disorder, right over here. 😉


  11. LOL!! I have a screen shot of Frank’s diagnosis so I can show it to my therapist in the morning. I’m sure she will appreciate the help. 🙂


  12. Popping on to say two things: 1) you are probably one of my favorite and most hope giving people I’ve ever encountered on the interwebs. Thank you and please keep up the truly good work! 2) I am an ex homeschooled mom who came late to the fun part of life and I love hip hop. Please keep sharing your favorites! I need more kitchen dance music! Here is my favorite praise the Lord one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTFvgTfyToc&noredirect=1


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