7 QTs Summer, Kids, Rap Music and Whatever




It’s summer. I love my kids, I really really do and maybe I’m just a horrible public school parent or just a horrible parent period but they are driving me BONKERS! The thing about my kids is that they are people people. They like to talk to people, discuss things and get different perspective on life from others so going to public school is great for them to do that. When they don’t have it, they watch TV and over analyze every.single.thing. And then have deep theological discussions about things like the morality of killing zombies. I can handle this for a few hours a day but when they are in ma FACE 12 hours a day wanting to have these conversations it kind of breaks my brain. I need to watch episodes of Will and Grace to decompress. I can’t even read, because my brain is mush.


Soooo that’s how much summer is kicking off. I have only had one bored kid in two weeks and only had to pull them apart once, so that isn’t bad. I have nothing but love for moms who home school, I could not do it. I would be sporting a straight jacket in a few months.


Since I have had the need to decompress and watch mindless TV, I have found a new favorite reality show called R&B Divas of Atlanta. There are not enough words to express just how much I love Keke Wyatt right now. Her voice is amazing and her personality is a lot like mine. She gets nervous and insecure and babbles. I do all those things. This is one of my favorite songs by her and Avant.


I am still waiting for that new Lil Wayne album to drop. I am anxious to see what it’s all about. Right now, I am so disappointed in rap music. It is all the same thing: hoes, haters, bitches, weed, money bla bla bla. I don’t expect every rap song to be an anthem for the better of the common good, but there used to be at-least one or two songs on an album that were and it would be nice to have a few new ones. Lil Wayne used to be able to create thought-provoking songs, I sure hope that he does so on this new album.


But if he lets me down, there is always the new Seether album to look forward to! And the new Keyshia Cole. YES!


I have worked on writing my book, which is harder than I thought it would be. There is a lot of reading involved. Reading about the craft of writing, and reading other people’s writing plus a lot of prep that needs to be done. I am not even remotely sure what I am doing still but I laugh when I think back to how I thought I was gonna write a book in 3 months. HA HA HA. I am just a dummy!


I have a post about the #yesallwomen hashtag and single mothers who like to put down fathers on Father’s Day, but I haven’t really fleshed them out yet to the point that they don’t sound preachy and rude, so I’m working on it.

As always, please pray for me.

For more QT’s go see Team Whitaker who is hosting this week! 


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