7 Quick Takes about dreams that come true, dreams that are barely being dreamed and pest control.



So, last week I wrote about how I wanted to start The Red Door Foundation. Well, I kinda did it. I filed the DBA with the State of Texas and got and EIN from the IRS so we are legit and real. We are not a 501c3 yet, but until we raise 5 grand in donations we don’t have to pay taxes. We can’t however give anyone a letter for their donation to be tax-free. I am praying that people will give anyway for now until we can file all the paperwork to get our 501c3 status. Please pray that the process is smooth. I know other people have issues with that, but I am really trying to make it clear that we are just trying to help people, not preach to them and not proselytize.


Today is the Feast Day of Bl. Mother Teresa! I love her so much and her life is the inspiration behind me ever even wanting to start a non-profit. I had a picture of her up on my wall even before I ever became Catholic. I know that she has prayed for me for a very long time. Right after I started RCIA I went to a retreat on her life with a friend and it was amazing. I went to a book store when I was struggling with whether I even believed in the Communion of Saints and I was sitting on the floor looking at other books when her book “Come be My Light” just fell in my lap. I read it and it really helped me understand what saints are. They are normal people with struggles but who keep the faith. They aren’t perfect, they just wake up every morning with the goal to love. I have asked Bl. Mother Teresa for her intercession for this project.

Mother Teresa pray for us!
Mother Teresa pray for us!


School has started and everything is going pretty good. The kids are doing good and it seems like this year is easier for me as far as homework and stuff goes. But it’s harder in the sense that my 12-year-old daughter, who is about to be 13 and is the baby is starting to have that snarky teen girl thing going on. I am not sure if she is gonna survive to be old enough to join the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. My 14-year-old son went to his first discernment dinner and loved it. Please pray for him and for God’s will. My 15-year-old wants to go to Boston College and study under Dr. Kreeft. (I have no idea where he would get the idea that is super cool. Not from this Kreeft fangirl.) He is thinking of becoming some kind of theologian and game designer at the same time. Perfect for a Catholic child’s dream.


Business has been really good, the phone is ringing a lot. We caught a porcupine today which is new. Ya learn something every day.


Yesterday a friend who is a non-Catholic Christian posted a Matt Walsh piece on his wall and one of the people commenting made the tired old “I was Catholic, but God saved me from that church that worships Mary” line. It’s such an old line that I would think people would get tired of saying it. Anyway, It made me think how crazy it is that the secular world says that Catholics oppress women and the Protestant world accuses us of worshiping one. Isn’t that weird? Do they never speak to each other so that they can see how it can’t be both? Maybe we should come up with an atheist/Protestant conference so they can do that and realize that maybe; just maybe, they are both wrong.


I misspelled Osteen in my post yesterday and was out running errands when it was brought to my attention. I looked like an idiot who couldn’t spell for most of the day. I still might look like one because I may not have found all the “olsteens” and changed them. I also dyed my hair. It was supposed to be brown and blonde but came out totally strawberry blonde. I like it, but I will probably walk around feeling mortified for a week before I get used to it. So, my lessons in humility for the week are done.


It’s Friday and I am so ready for a glass of wine!

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes about dreams that come true, dreams that are barely being dreamed and pest control.

  1. If you want people to give to the Red Door, you might want to do a GoFundMe. But I think you’d have to have something concrete in mind or people wouldn’t give. I’m not sure what your concrete needs are in that area.


  2. I’m waiting to open a bank account, which will happen on Monday. I will have a better idea what I need money wise after talking to the realtor, which I’m doing tomorrow.


  3. So, it’s totally shallow, but I want to see what you look like with blonde hair.

    I mean, I’m totally excited about Red Door, and I love what you said about saints having a “goal to love,” but I’m really distracted by trying to imagine blonde hair on you. 😉


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