7 QTs about Anti-rant Rants, Love, Hookers and Why I’m Crazy



If you have read my blog at all, you know that I’m a Facebook addict. I have had issues with being on Facebook for a very long time now. Jennifer Fulwiler once asked in a blog post  if you could go back knowing what you know now would you still get a Facebook account, I told her no. Facebook is like the worst addiction that I have. I have never done drugs and I was an alcohol abuser, but not addicted. You couldn’t pay me to drive after drinking since my DWI, and addicts don’t care about consequences. But I think that my relationship with Facebook is a lot like both those addictions. I log in thinking this time will be different and then 3 posts in I remember that I hate that everyone feels the need to have an opinion on everything and post that opinion in the snarkiest ways, with 14 million links proving they are right (and passive aggressive) and then someone comments on one link and all ignorant hell breaks loose. Just as I’m about to log off and swear off this Hotel California, some great blogger will post a link to their blog, or I think of something funny to say and I read the blog, share it, post and update and there goes 5 more hours. W.T.F? I think this is what smoking crack is like. Even worse, now I’m blogging about it and I’m gonna have to go share this post on Facebook and get sucked back in. Help me.


This was this morning’s anti-rant rant:

I’m sorry, but if you have chicken little syndrome, I have to unfollow your posts. It’s that or start judging you. There is more to life than being scared of Muslims, gays, worshipping a certain Mass (mass is the MEANS of worship, not the OBJECT of worship), the abuse of dogs, who is the latest POS and politics (I can’t handle politics from either the right or left, or the Ron Paul peeps, y’all all be crazy) and just all around negative post after negative post. I used to post about all the things wrong in this world until I realized all the things that are good that I was missing while I scowled in a corner. I have my opinions, my beliefs, my point of view, but I am focused on DOING good instead of ranting 24/7. It’s just my way of coping. If your way is to rant and spew ugliness, then do your thing, I’m just not gonna follow it.

This isn’t going out to one person specifically. I woke up to pictures of dogs with faces torn off, rants about Perry, rants about Davis, snark about Muslims, a post on the evils of Pit Bulls, and a post about the evils of Illegal immigrants. It’s not even 9am yet. Good grief. Life is GOOD, the world is beautiful, for every horror story there are 5 heroic stories, it’s just that heroes don’t post on FB because they are out DOING heroic stuff.


While I was at Edel, I met Calah Alexander. She is awesome. I have always loved her writing and talking to her in person and drinking a Manhattan with her was awesome because I got to see that she really is that awesome. The thing about some writers is that they have layers to them, their writing is one layer and their personality is another. There are parts of each that show in one and not the other, so you kind of get a good look at the whole person when you read them and spend a bit of time with them in person. Calah is the real deal. She wrote this great post about NFP yesterday and it’s beautiful. I think that I’m gonna have to write an entire post on my experience with NFP since our reversals. What got my attention (and set me off on how much I hate Facebook this morning) was a comment posted on Facebook about the “Catholic sex culture” and one that called her post “creepy”. I just don’t even know where to start on the ignorance of these comments, but the one thing that I do know is that enjoying sex with your spouse isn’t creepy and learning to serve your spouse in a Catholic and loving way without sex isn’t part of a “sex culture”. Another thing that I know is that there are prude Catholics, and that is why people think we are prude, because some Catholics are and they think it is a good thing. It isn’t. It’s the flip side of the same sexual promiscuity coin. Both are twisted views on the truth about sex, God, marriage and love.


Someone that I’ve been following is Annie Lobert, she used to be a hooker and now she is a Christian who helps women get off the streets and turn their lives around. She is a hooker advocate and I love everything about her, from her hair to her fiery personality. She isn’t scared to talk about evil and Grace. She loves Jesus and she isn’t scared to walk the streets of Vegas loving others. That is being the witness of Christ! Her memoir comes out in February and I’m so excited to read it! You can pre-order it now. I’m not getting anything out of posting about it, I just really believe in this lady and I think that a lot of good can come from people reading her story.



I saw this post on the 25 Struggles Only ENFPs Will Understand and yes to all of them! It is so weird to read these things because I’ve always been convinced that I’m just nuts. I have read about temperaments with my therapist and while I don’t think they lock you in a box, it is cool to see what personality/temperament you have. I’m so glad that it’s not just me and that there is an explanation for my crazy.


I have so many projects in the air right now and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with them all. I have checked a lot of things off my to-do list but there is still a lot on there. If it all goes well and they all get done by October 24th as planned, then my husband and I are taking a little break from life to sleep without interruptions. That is our dream vacation right now, sleep.


Please pray for me, my husband and my family. Thanks!

For more 7 Quick Takes, go see Jennifer who is a busy bee! 


9 thoughts on “7 QTs about Anti-rant Rants, Love, Hookers and Why I’m Crazy

  1. Okay, I will pray for you, and your husband, and your family IF (is it the sin of simony if you try to trade prayers for something, but not sell them for money?) you will write more. I don’t do Facebook at all, so I don’t have that addiction, but I read your posts over and over, and keep checking every day, sometimes more than once a day, to see if you have anything new. So, keep writing.


  2. Stopping by from Quick Takes and OH my goodness yes, with the negative crap all over facebook. I feel exactly the same way. Half the time just scrolling through my feed makes me feel like giving up on life! There HAS to be more positive stuff out there that we could be sharing, right?!


  3. Can I just say “Amen” to the idea of a vacay being sleep?! When I say I fantasize about this like some people fantasize about Brad Pitt, it’s not a joke. I practically salivate about freshly laundered sheets, a competent babysitter, and DH as my Shnugglemuffin for 12 uninterrupted hours of sleeping BLISS. Never in my life did I think I’d value sleep over other things you do in bed, but….yeah. I am there.


  4. Leticia, do you have the book 48 Days to the Work You Love? I really recommend it, and funny the author talks about the first hour upon awakening being “the rudder of the day.” He makes some great points about filling his ears & soul with only contemplative and encouraging stuff, and being super active in the first hour. I mention it only because I laughed out loud when reading that he allows himself to check the news only briefly in the evenings, as it’s filled with “war, pestilience, murder and rape”. so true, so true! FB is different because the topics are often so petty, but the same effect. When I have disconnected entirely from the internet, like two weeks – one month of only logging on once per week to gather data, not find companionship, I’ve become very aware of the bliss/rage cycle that engaging in it again produces in me. Not cool.

    I bet you would like the book, it’s not just psychobabble, it’s enough personality assessment and real-actual-plan to make it worth springing for. The author is Dave or Dan somebody and it’s orange. Yes, I’m being too lazy to Google all that.

    Happy Sunday!


  5. Woohoo to the anti-chicken little! It’s hard to be positive when things are going wrong (preaching to myself here…). That said, I have had it up to HERE with people thinking the entire Western civilization (since that’s the only one that matters) is crumbling because of X group of people that the writer can’t stand. Grow up.


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