7 Quick Takes on Good Therapists and Being Thankful




Last Friday at this time I was looking for a bridge to jump from. The entire year of tears, stress, depression and spiritual warfare came to this climax that made me think that I was not going to survive.  Luckily for me, I had a spiritual direction meeting that afternoon and was reminded of why I am here. Because God loves me more than I think He does. Every moment of my life is proof of that. Even when I feel like things are hopeless, I can look at Jesus on the Cross and know where my Hope comes from.


I didn’t jump off a bridge. Mostly because I got a text from Jennifer Fulwiler asking me if I wanted to be on the radio with her and Lino Rulli, so I had to live. Jennifer has always been such a great friend to me. She is not only someone who I love in real life, but she is someone who I look up to as a writer and as a person. Her asking me to be on with her really made my life.



I have always loved radio. At one point in my life I landed this job out of nowhere being the Promotion director at a radio station in Amarillo. I never really understood why God had put me in that place in life, but being on the air in a morning show really taught me that I love talking on the air. It is all starting to make sense now. Nothing is an accident.



They also had the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist on earlier in the week. I love Sr. Elizabeth Ann. Her and my daughter have been friends since Flea was 8 years old. The love and support that they have shown her will always be something that she treasures for her entire life even if she doesn’t enter into their convent like she has always dreamed of doing since the first time that she saw them on Oprah.


My therapist listened to the show and sent me a text telling me that I did a great job when it was over. Isn’t she so awesome?! I am so lucky to have the support system that I have. I am thankful for everyone who supports and loves me and my family.


I ate lunch with Rebecca Frech from Patheos yesterday too! It was so much fun. I love her writing and she is so much fun to talk too in person. I hope she moves to Austin so that we can have lunch more often!


My husband and I are going on a retreat this weekend. It is called The Healing of the Whole Person and is put on by the John Paul II Healing Center. I am excited about it and can’t wait to see what God does! I know that there is no limit to what He will do to show us just how much He loves us. If you would like to pray for us I have set up a sign up  for Adoration hours and Rosaries. I would be very grateful for any prayers!


For more Quick Takes, go see Jennifer at Conversion Diary! 


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes on Good Therapists and Being Thankful

  1. I loved reading this because even though things are so rough, it’s like God is sending all these good things along too, like, don’t give up hope! His hand really is in everything. I will say some prayers for your retreat this weekend!


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