7 Quick Takes on Kim Kardashion and Pro-life Catholics doing it wrong



I’m gonna be honest, this is what I have looked like all week-long as I look over my Newsfeed on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


No offense to crazy people.


I came out of the closet when it comes to my love of Kim Kardashian a long time ago, because the truth is that we have plenty of petty drama in the Catholic Church, so to act as if we are “too good” for reality TV is stupid. Exhibit A: all the exploding heads over Pope Francis, the Synod and how the sky is falling. The fact is that I watch a lot of reality TV, there is one lady who is judging me hard for it because it’s a waste of time, umm, no shit. It’s not really a waste of time for me. I could list all the things that I have learned from watching the Kardashians alone. Like that money doesn’t change the fact that everyone in this world, both rich and dirt poor, wants to be loved and to love. Where we all disagree is on how to do those two things. Even the most pious rosary praying Catholic misses that mark, that is what sin IS.


I think Kimmy K is gorgeous. I think she is smarter than a lot of people, including her family and her husband, give her credit for. She has a heart of gold. She has great taste in fashion when she isn’t trying impress anyone and her love of selfies is kind of like my love of books. Sure, I can pretend that I love books because they make me smart, but the truth is that I just love getting books in the mail. I like smelling them more than I take time to read them. I’m just being real about it, I am obsessed with books because books, not because I am smarter than Kim.


If you are Catholic and/or pro-life and you are calling Kim Kardashian a whore, slut, dumb bitch, waste of air, or anything else like that then you are doing Catholic/pro-life wrong. I don’t care if you stand outside of an abortion clinic for 17 days in 40 inches of snow, you are still doing it wrong. Being Catholic and/or pro-life is about the dignity of the human person. If you do not get that everyone has that dignity but are against abortion then 1. you are anti-abortion not pro-life and 2. you are part of the problem.


Kimmy K… girl. You are worth more than your ass.  Your husband should value you more than that. You should value your child more than that, and if none of that hits you then, you should value my child. My son has battled an issue with looking at porn for the last 2 years of his life. Unlike most grown men, he admits his problem and does whatever it takes to make sure that he respects himself and women by not looking at naked pictures of women on the internet. Because of your pictures, he was not able to do his homework because it was online and your boobs and ass were plastered everywhere. Maybe that isn’t a big deal to you yet since your child is still little, but when you were attacked on a plane by a crazy person yelling that your baby was black, you knew that your job was to protect your child from that and you wrote a letter on your blog about it. Well, I am a mother protecting my child, and I am asking you to please consider what your actions did to my child. Mother to mother, it isn’t cool that my kid had to give me his iPod because he was talking to a friend on Instagram and the picture of your ass popped up. He didn’t go looking for that, it came to him. That is not cool. If you wanna be naked for the world, please do it in a way that my child, who is fighting against his addiction like a champ, isn’t exposed to it.


Please read this post on New Wave Feminists and do all women a favor and stop helping push the idea that we are only worth something if we meet some far-fetched goal of beauty. Not all of us have your time or money. If I did, I promise that I would be hotter than you, but I don’t so I am 60 pounds heavier than I’ve ever been in my life and I hate myself when I look in the mirror. Why? Because I have lived in a culture that tells me if I’m not a size 3 waist with size 36 C boobs that I am ugly. I know you know what that feels like because of everything said about you while you were pregnant. Posing naked for some no name magazine isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself, but it will make the rest of us who can’t get work done or spend 10 hours in the gym feel worse about ourselves.


Women, we can do better than constantly comparing ourselves to one another. At the end of the day, each one of us is trying to be the best woman that we can be. Nobody gets that more than other women. Instead of attacking one another or comparing ourselves to the other, how about if we just help, pray and support each other. We are all fighting a battle with ourselves, why add to that by fighting other women? Jesus, give us Your peace.

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes on Kim Kardashion and Pro-life Catholics doing it wrong

  1. You know what I appreciate about you, girl? Your no BS honesty. You are who you are, you will be what you will be with God working on you and you co-operating with His grace, but in the meantime, you are what you are, and you don’t want to play games trying to get people to accept something that wouldn’t be you. Yeah, you could put up this really good front (you know, carry the BIG Bible to Mass, genuflect deeply, have your house plastered with statues and icons) but that isn’t what you want. You want to be loved by others in this world the way that Jesus loves you–unconditionally with all the flaws, warts, and the occasional fart.

    You are spot on in what you said about Kim. Yes, she is gorgeous, but she needs to learn how to use that beauty in a God glorifying way. Unfortunately, our society isn’t interested in that. Drama brings in viewers which in turn sells television ad time at outrageous prices. So she plays the game she has been taught to play because she doesn’t know another one.

    But how many of us are like that? We choose the game we want to play or that we are comfortable playing and jump into the role. For me, it was Southern Fried Anabaptist Jerk, with the mandatory extra large KJV Bible to tote under my arm. Which leads me to my second point. It is, as you pointed out in your blog, so easy to judge others.

    Know why?

    Because deep down in our dark little heart of hearts, we don’t really like who we are. I didn’t. I hated the guy I saw in the mirror every morning. So judging others was the way I could make myself better. After all, if Mr. X is a slob and I’m not, then that makes me better than he is (at least, in my subconscious).

    The real problem is this: how many of us are moving out of our comfort zones to go and tell the people of the world, some of whom will be less than happy to hear the message — that Jesus loves them just as they are. Oh, He wants them better — MUCH better — than they are now, but the good news is that they don’t have to get to that point for Him to love them. This is the Good News that you and I and a host of other square pegs in the round hole of life have discovered, and it keeps us going when we don’t like the person we see in the mirror.

    God love ya, Leticia. I look forward to your posts!


  2. So you’re as officially enmeshed with the Kardashians as I am with the Jersey Housewives. Pffffft. I was recently offering a defense of my fire-eyed devotion to my husband and a close friend, who were looking at me like I was speaking in honor of cannibalism or something. I know it’s crap, I mean I get it — but every three years I give a few nights to the cause.

    As for the skin all over the internet, it’s weird how the jiggly gross-out flashes on the screen will catch my kids’ eyes and I don’t notice them. (desensitized much, right?) Sadness. I can’t even innocently read the increasing number of “news” sites with the clickbait photos between the post and the comments, or between posts.

    In the world but not of it — a balance that everyone exercises in their own way for sure.


  3. What I find the most interesting about reality TV is just how much seeking love there is in this world. Sure it seems like trash, but really they are looking for love, the same as the rest of us. Love and validation. The thing that I love about the Kardashians is their family bond. Is it perfect? No, but I would say that it’s very very similar to the family bond of the Universal Church. Imperfect, full of drama, but in the end we all love each other and ride or die.


  4. Aren’t they harming each other by allowing such passive craziness into their lives, though, if we can reconcile a Christian definition of love with the reality TV platform? I wonder about our cultural psyche and this need to be viewed. How it almost induces a sense of irrelevance. This morning I listened to NPR interview the Navy SEAL making a scene and wondered if he’s capable of processing the resistance to this tour of ‘awareness’ — does the emerging generation have a vocabulary for privacy or see its value?

    I know you realize all this and think about it often, and probably see the public sphere as something that must be penetrated, not retreated from. And I agree. It’s tricky to know how to go about it, without going down in the ship. Or just living as a quiet example of opposition to it. Going about our duties ~ ignoring the buzzfeed. I’m not super into moderation but understand that some people handle it like that.

    Anyway, yah, my draw to the Jersey girls is really the Jersey men (duh) who … are just becoming a relic. Strong, loyal, yet vividly human, maybe even a little ‘simple’ in their approach to the world. But not malicious. The women are fairly insane to each other, which I don’t find as repugnant as I probably should. However, the nuclear families are really tight, you’re right. I don’t know anything about Kim K., and would like that noted as pretentious validation of my holiness, yes indeed. 🙂

    However there’s some philosophical nuance going on with Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice which I’d like to write a dissertation about, but don’t know where to start! So, either I’m the one honoring their dignity or guilty of truly objectifying them, hahaha. In the meantime I revel in the show when I can catch it, and appreciate that we get to share this admission. Dorothy Day, pray for the 7th grade diversions from our work. 😉


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