7 QT’s about This Crazy Week




This has been the craziest weeks in a long time. Not in a bad way, in a very good way, but still crazy. I don’t even know how it’s Friday. I have done nothing on my to-do list. It also doesn’t help that feel like I can’t see. I think I need glasses, which makes things very difficult to do. Like write.


Speaking of writing, I have done nothing on my book all month-long and I plan to have the second 1st draft done by the end of the year. Ummmm. I don’t know how that is gonna go. I may need to order some Red Bull and stronger coffee.


I got two books in the mail to review for my new radio show (and this blog by extension) So reading is officially part of work for me and I there is NO WAY that I can explain how happy that makes me!! I have arrived in the promised land.


Edel 15 tickets went on sale this week!!! Who’s going? Last year was so much fun. I am trying to talk my husband and my BFF into a road trip to Charleston for me to go to Edel. It will be like Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip, Catholic edition. I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so much fun. Maybe we will get a reality show out of it. As I told them my exciting plans they were getting ready for bed. It was 9:30 PM!!! These are my ride or dies and that is just not acceptable. We need a little R&R to get our groove back.


I asked God to cure me of my Facebook addiction and He answered me. Sho ‘nuf did. I got a call from a homeless woman with 4 kids who needed desperate help to find a place to go, I ran into a couple who hadn’t been to confession in years and didn’t speak English so they needed help to find a priest, I found a lost dog and then bought breakfast tacos for a guy with a sign that said “I’m just hungry man” on it, plus I got those two books in the mail. There are tons of other things going on, not to mention having to feed and care for my kids sooooo I haven’t been on FB that much this week arguing with people who about things that they are never going to change their views about because someone on FB brought them to the light. I’m not ever going to the light like that either.


I did revamp my entire online presence so that I can keep one Facebook profile for my close friends, family and networking while everything else is for the blog/radio show/book stuff. I don’t like the Pages option for writing because I feel like it’s so one-sided. I want to know the people who take time out of their day to read this little blog. For me, the only option was to have another Facebook for that reason. I’ll see how it goes. If anything, I’m really confused and so I am not on FB all that much. HAHA!


It is hard to lived a life that is centered around Jesus. It’s exhausting sometimes. Even though I know that I am not working for my salvation at all, I sure do hope that maybe somehow Jesus gives me a dance floor and disco ball in my heavenly mansion, if I make it to Glory. I can hope.

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