How do we face this Evil?

Honestly, the pictures of aborted fetuses haven’t ever really made me cry or anything. They have always made me mad. I fought in the pro-life movement for a little bit and I saw a lot of things that just didn’t seem right to me so I stepped aside and did other things, like work on myself.

I watched the first two undercover videos and they did make me mad just like other pictures have. But this last video where an abortionist says “we have a baby” and talks about how some fetuses are more “war-torn than others” and then announces the gender of the human being they dismembered at the end, is just too much for me. How anyone can say that isn’t a human being, an innocent human being, who had his (it was a boy) life ended and then had his body parts scattered in a petri dish on display : brains, stomach, legs, arms and eyes is beyond me. Then again if someone says “I know that is a human being, the innocent and most voiceless of all human beings and I still think that ending his life is legit because his life doesn’t matter as much as other lives” then I would really know that that person has lost all touch with humanity and I just don’t want to know that about some people.

Where do we go from here? We have to go somewhere, and we can’t just go into our pro-life bubble and hate on pro-choicers. We can’t just pick out team colors and then they pick their team colors and we all just shout and yell at one another about how our team is winning and their team is losing. I mean, sure we can do that but what does that accomplish?

For the last week I keep wondering what are we going to do when we live in a world that is run by evil and we know it but knowing it only makes us sound crazy. It doesn’t help that there is plenty of crazy on this side of the culture wars. I have already seen the first “would someone be wrong to kill an abortionist in the moment of seeing them about to kill a baby” thread. I was wondering when that would start…… And we wonder why people think we are crazy. Next will be some crazy pro-lifer who doesn’t understand how morality works and that abortion is wrong based on the dignity of the human person and does something stupid. Mark my words. We aren’t just an evil generation but also a stupid one. Anytime that humans try to justify evil to bring about good, we screw ourselves. Every single time. Evil isn’t done because people believe it is evil, it is done because it is justified as bringing about a greater good, and that is how we ended up with legal abortion in the first place.

People who say their is no objective truth (truth that is true regardless of belief that it’s true) in some things can’t just claim there is objective truth in other things without explaining where that truth is grounded. If there is no God then where does the truth that killing a lion is wrong grounded in? Law? It was legal. In public opinion? That changes constantly. So if you sit with yourself and think of what you believe is wrong beyond a doubt ask yourself “how do I know that is wrong” and “by what authority can say it is absolutely wrong if there is no objective truth?” Humans are created with the ability to ask these questions, animals aren’t, but rarely do we ask them of ourselves these days. We go with whatever thoughts are popular at the moment. Which is why rage goes viral. And even those of us who are opposed to abortion need to beware of our rage when watching these videos.

But how do we deal in the everyday living knowing that this is going on around us? I really don’t have the answer for that because I think that it’s bigger than Planned Parenthood and even if they were defunded tomorrow, abortion would still be legal. Even if abortion was made illegal tomorrow, they would still happen. I also am way too aware of how the pro-life movement is full of its own issues. Just keeping it real.

So how do we face this evil without becoming evil ourselves? How do we fight without become violent? How to we speak up without shouting? I am at a complete loss as to how to act when I know the invisible forces of evil are real and living in a world full of people who easily influenced by them, including myself. The only thing that I can think of is to pray and stay close to the Sacraments, and even that is difficult to do when you feel an overwhelming helplessness. And personally, that is how I feel at the moment. God helps us.

**If you or someone you know has had an abortion please visit the Rachel’s Vineyard website. 


4 thoughts on “How do we face this Evil?

  1. About the speaking up without sounding crazy bit – I try to keep in mind that when I post on FB I’m not speaking to the choir. What can I say that will cause those people who haven’t already defriended me to actually look at these videos? I also try to find a liberal or moderate source since I think pro-choice folks will refuse to click on anything related to LifeNews, etc. I posted CNN’s opinion about the first video and my very liberal daughter actually viewed it and COMMENTED!

    Today I posted the Camille Paglia article from Salon and quoted what she said about the videos being disgusting (saying she was a liberal democrat). All reasonable people should be with us on this one, we just have to encourage them to watch the videos.


  2. In future years, when people look back on this century and the influential writers, when college classes are taught on “The Writings of Leticia Adams” the children of our grandchildren will stumble across the reference to the lion, and will go “Huh?” and miss the point. You don’t think so? Every time I hear the reading “I am not prophet, I am a shepherd and a dresser of sycamore trees.” I miss the point wondering “what is a dresser of sycamore trees?” So when you edit your collected works, please include a full explanation about Cecil.


  3. The unwanted aborted babies aren’t considered people, they’re considered property. “The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.” ~ Hannah Arendt


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