I am the Hemorrhaging Woman

When I woke up this morning I thought that maybe me trying to get to Pope Francis in Philadelphia is crazy. I have a lot of things going on here at home, like at $400 light bill that needs to get paid, literally. And groceries and dog food and on and on. I prayed and asked God if it is His will for me to get there, then He will make it happen and then the thought of the hemorrhaging woman came to me. It was the Gospel reading not long ago and I didn’t remember who the priest was that gave the homily but I remember him saying that this lady was not supposed to be there, she was supposed to be in exile. She knew that if she could just get to Jesus, she would be healed so she did whatever it took to get there and didn’t let anyone stop her. So many people believe that you have to do thing in order for God to heal us or help us and most of those things have to do with money. “Yes, God will help you, but you need a paycheck” is our culture’s sentiment, but that isn’t the case. God will help you anytime you put your faith in Him no matter what. He might not give us a camaro or a mansion overlooking a hill with a swimming pool, but He will give us a roof over our heads and a food to eat. The problem comes when we think that we are entitled to more than that to be “happy”. A sense of happiness that is orientated towards material things and not union with God is always going to lead us to destruction, war and conflict. Even if all those things are only going on within our own hearts. There is freedom in not being attached to the idea that happiness comes in any other way other than seeking God and His will for our lives. And really doing that, not just saying it and then actually making sure you are taking care of yourself when it comes to your money situation. We have a lot of Christians walking around who think they trust God but really they don’t.

I have no money. None. But I know that I need to get Pope Francis in two weeks. I know it the same way that the hemorrhaging woman knew it. I have to get there, fight the crowds and see my Papa. I am hemorrhaging. My faith is wavering. I need to know if what I believe is real or just crazy. I need to see his face. I need to hear his voice and I need to be there. I need a miracle. The kind of miracle that takes a crazy kind of courage, like packing a backpack with crackers and going across the country to get it, kind of miracle. The kind of miracle that has people saying “what in the hell is this woman doing here” kind of miracle.

I went to go read up on this woman in Luke who knew that she needed the kind of miracle only touching the cloak of Jesus could grant her and what I found was that the entire Chapter 8 in the book of Luke is full of people who I can relate to. Mary Magdalene, the parable of the sower (I have been all the soils and I need to get to Papa so that I can be good soil that bears the most fruit) the man who was healed of demons and wanted to stay with Jesus but was told to go into the world telling people the good things the Lord had done for him (hello, my mission in life is to tell my story) and then finally the hemorrhaging woman. What I found the most interesting is how even back then people freaked out over people who had great faith and the miracles that Jesus performed. They would get scared and ask Jesus to leave their town. I see the same freak out in my life. I should be used to getting the looks that say “you’re crazy” from people, especially those who are the closest to me, but I am not used to it. It hurts and it’s probably not going to change in any way short of the Grace of God.

I need your help to get to Pope Francis. Here are specific prayer intentions because I really don’t have time to beat around the bush.

  1. For my light bill and food for my kids to be taken care of.
  2. A rental car and gas to get to Philly.
  3. Money for 1 &2. (I have gotten some donations already, THANK YOU)
  4. For my son who is going with me and is open to the priesthood.
  5. For my kids who are not going with me and the two who no longer go to Mass.
  6. For my marriage.
  7. For a job that I don’t want to kill myself thinking about doing.
  8. For Breadbox Media to get donors so #7 is not needed and I can keep doing my show.
  9. To finish all my homework.

That should be it. And for my angel. Please pray for my angel, he has his own to-do list. Please share this far and wide for more prayers. I will get there, even if I have to hitchhike, but for the sake of my angel, please help me not have to do that.

Ps If you want to help me (and a friend and my son) get to Philly, you can click the “donate” button on the side bar! Thank you doesn’t even cover it.


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