UPDATE on Mission “Go see My Papa!”

Yesterday I wrote about why I really want to go see Pope Francis and I asked for prayers. Here’s the list  with updates.

  1. For my light bill and food for my kids to be taken care of.   (Done, the light bill is getting taken care of by a great and wonderful friend who really has helped me a million times in the last few years and 3 out of four kids is going with me!) 
  2. A rental car and gas to get to Philly. (I have enough for a rental car so I just need gas money!)
  3. Money for 1 &2. (I have gotten some donations already, THANK YOU) (I only need gas money now!)
  4. For my son who is going with me and is open to the priesthood. (And the other two kids going with me and our safety)
  5. For my kids who are not going with me and the two who no longer go to Mass.
  6. For my marriage.
  7. For a job that I don’t want to kill myself thinking about doing. (I sent off a resume to a place that I would love to work at, please pray that I get called for an interview.)
  8. For Breadbox Media to get donors so #7 is not needed and I can keep doing my show.
  9. To finish all my homework. (I am halfway done!)

    Your prayers and donations mean so much to me, I really wish there was some way other than a blog post to tell ya’ll just how thankful I am. 

Anyone who has any prayer requests for me to take with me and offer up the trip for, please email me or comment below and I will do that!


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