Grace is Overflowing: Mission “Go See My Papa” is Happening!

I don’t even know how to type this post up without bawling like a baby. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of messages, emails and donations that have come my way since I first posted about going to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia. Not only that, but the prayers have surely been the reason for such abundance of grace being poured out on me and my family. Almost every prayer that I asked for has been answered. I should have added “Pay my therapist” on there because she has been seeing us for months without pay and I need to pay that bill, she is priceless. But I didn’t think of it so I’m adding it this time.

I booked the rental car this morning and paid for it in full. We have money for gas, it’s a little close but we will make it I’m sure. We have a little money for food on the road, although it will mean eating on the dollar menu most of the trip. Better than the granola bar diet that I thought we would be on. I bought a huge package of bottled water that so happened to be on sale this weekend and the light bill is taken care of . The only thing left is to work on my homework.

Thank you! I don’t think that “thank you” is enough really. I hope that God blesses ya’ll to the max, like miracle type blessings on each of you who have encouraged me, helped me and donated money for this trip. (And even on those of you who haven’t!)

It will be me driving the whole way there and the whole way back. I am taking three out of our seven kids: the 18 year old, the 15 year old and the only girl who is 13. It’s going to be so much fun!!!!!! And I am SO EXCITED!

If you have prayer intentions that you would like me to take with me, please let me know. You can comment or email me at LeticiaOAdams at gmail dot com. I will be happy to take them all with me! I have put my angel in charge of prayer intentions, so no worries that you won’t be prayed for.

Anyone who stills wants to donate for this trip is welcome to, we would like to eat something other than dollar cheeseburgers and as I said, we still have a therapy bill to pay for so my kids can keep going to therapy. We are happy to take prayers over money though. (There is a donation button on my sidebar, just FYI)

I’m sorry this post is a little sucky, I really am just in awe of how many people have supported me in this crazy last minute trip. I will be tweeting, periscoping and blogging about it the entire time too so make sure and follow me on Twitter and Periscope and “like” me on Facebook!

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, which has softened tremendously because of your kindness.


2 thoughts on “Grace is Overflowing: Mission “Go See My Papa” is Happening!

  1. I don’t know if your trip takes you through or near Pittsburgh, but if so, I would love to meet up and buy y’all a meal!


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