7 QT: Pilgramiging it to see Papa! 

1. It’s very hard to sleep without my husband. I offered it up for all widows and any wives who have to do that. I can’t imagine. 
2. Flea read Pope Francis’ address to congress while we were driving. Can you say Mic DROP?! Go Papa. 
3. I had an interesting talk with God after we almost died in Nashville because I had a panic attack in the middle of the highway. And I’m pretty sure He has asked me to stop cussing. More on that later, but of following Jesus doesn’t change your life significantly, you’re doing it wrong. And there is always something to change for the better because we are human and we are constantly erected idols in our lives. Idols that seem like good things or even bad things that aren’t that big of a deal. But they are and the challenge in this life is to find them and ask God to tear them from our lives. He will do it and it will be hard. But it will be worth it. 
4. Jesus changes everything. So much so that those who think they know us, no longer do and it causes a huge disconnect. People keep you pinned to the person you were at one point in life and leave no room to get to know who you are each day with the changes that God makes. You just have to forgive them and keep moving forward, not backwards. Everyone that matters, knows. For me, the most important people are my husband and my kids.
5. There has already been such grace poured on me and my kids on this trip. It was a long drive yesterday. 18 hours and 4 states. I miss Texas. I’ve only stepped on non-Texas soil 6 times in my life! {and I missed Grey’s!} 
6. Thank you for all the prayers. I’m praying for everyone who asked for them, and even some who didn’t. I have put my angel in charge of taking all my offerings to Our Lady for ya’ll. 

7. Tomorrow I see my Papa!!! I hope he sees me! Or even that just having him pass by me cures me of this deeply rooted anger. Please keep praying for me and my children.
For more QTs, go visit Kelly! 


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