My blog is now at Patheos!!

I have been meaning to update everyone, but I just have a lot going on right now. But big news! My blog is now at Patheos Catholic. 


Please pray for me, that I don’t get a big ego and that I can actually write worth a crap. Thanks!!!


8 thoughts on “My blog is now at Patheos!!

  1. Maybe you can become a better writer? Good writers — Christian or not — will avoid using foul language (like “losing their shit”). Writers using foul language is, unfortunately, not unusual today (along with name-calling) and is yet another sign of the degradation of our culture, and of writing in particular. I was disappointed to see you use that term. Not because I find it offensive per se, but because I think it beneath a good writer to use such terms. Please try and set a higher standard. Thanks 😀


  2. Thanks for the advice, but that’s how I talk and if I clean up my writing to suit the taste of others then it becomes fake bullshit. I like to keep my writing real. Everyone who doesn’t like that is free to read other bloggers who don’t cuss in their writing. 🙂


  3. Talking isn’t writing. And writing isn’t talking. Writing is more deliberate than talking, and should reflect a more deliberate and careful expression of thoughts . Like I said, perhaps you will become a better writer. Not a fake who writes to please others… just a better writer. 🙂


  4. Blogging isn’t on the same level as deliberate writing. That’s why I don’t cuss when I write for Catholic Stand or Aleteia (I hate spelling that, cuz I don’t know how) but do ok my blog. Blogging is like talking and processing all at the same time. There’s room to grow though, no matter what.


  5. Perhaps you can add Patheos to your list? Along with Catholic Stand and Aleteia? It’s not about being fake, it’s about being professional and respecting your readers. But mostly it’s about being a better writer.


  6. But every reader has things they think I should do to “respect” then. Trust me, I get the emails. Words are words. I know great writers who use “bad words” in their writing. Maybe I’m just not the writer for people who think “good” writers don’t cuss. I really don’t care to be honest. Anyone who can’t see my story because they are so focused on a use of language they don’t like is probably not my audience. That’s fine, there are plenty of writers who don’t cuss.


  7. For me, it has nothing to do with not being able to see your story. For me it has to do with good writing versus bad writing. I lost respect for you as a writer when I read that opening line about people loosing their shit. There was no need to phrase it that way. It’s a crude thing to say and it makes you look like a crude person. I don’t read the writings of crude people who say crude things. Most people don’t. Especially people of faith. Because your article concerned some crude television show I guess the language was appropriate? I don’t know. I didn’t finish the article because I don’t watch crude television shows, much less care about them. I think it’s sad you wrote a whole article about such a foolish waste of time. And I think it’s sad you lowered yourself to the level of our crude culture. Good luck with your writing and your life.


  8. I think it’s sad that you didn’t real my whole article, because I talk about where Jesus found me, and it was in a very crude place. Jesus didn’t think I was a waste of time or that I was “too crude” for Him. And in MY life He is all that matters.


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