Book Review: Embracing Weakness by Shannon Evans

I have largely stopped reviewing Catholic books. There are several reasons for this.

1. I haven’t found much I relate to when it comes to grief or loss or trauma in them. Not saying someone doesn’t find this, I am saying I don’t find things I relate to.

2. Because I am dealing with grief on an epic level and am not in the “thank you Jesus for giving me something to offer up for you” club of grieving or any other kind of praise Jesus in the storm flavor of faith (mostly because of my own flaws, not because I don’t envy those who can do that, the truth is I do envy them. A lot.) I don’t really have a taste for books that explain Catholicism. I know my faith and I know I’m not grieving gracefully. I don’t need to hear how envy is a sin. I know. I am in the confession line every other week because I know.

So it was a blessing when I opened this book and found something that helped soothe my soul. Embracing Weakness by Shannon Evans really was what I needed to read.

Shannon is a great writer. She is open and honest and speaks about things that not many Catholic writers are writing about in a way that doesn’t blame the devil or make light of Who Jesus is. In the first few pages she writes “I wouldn’t say God needed me, but I wouldn’t deny he was lucky to have me” and that summed up my feelings after my first conversion. It was refreshing to see someone else had felt that way.

Embracing Weakness is an easy read with lots of gems sprinkled through it and a lot of hard truths that land softly. I did not feel preached to but I felt like finally, someone else sees God the way I see Him. And also sees all the ways that we as humans distort Who He is.

If you are looking for a faith reboot and to read a fellow Christian who isn’t going to bullshit you about the state of Christianity right now and how we can change it by dealing with and accepting our own flaws, this is the book for you.