Ways to Help those Struggling with Housing

Yesterday I saw a news story on CNN about people being evicted from their homes in Houston Texas and it broke me. I have been evicted from housing when I had little kids. It was hard and luckily for me, I had somewhere to go every time. But others are not that lucky and so I kept thinking of ways that I could help.

Here are some ideas I came up with because Houston will not be the only city facing this issue. This is going to be happening all over the country in the coming months, even if evictions are stalled for now.

1. Contact your Mayor’s office and ask them what they are doing about evictions.

2. Contact your local St. Vincent De Paul or Catholic Charities or another org you know that works to help people with rent. Ask if you can sponsor a family or how their funding works specifically and if you can start a fundraiser for them online. Then do that.

3. Find out which apartments are your local HUD apartments and call them and ask if there’s any way to fundraise for rent for their tenants. Because even if evictions are stalled, there will come a day when all the rent is due and people who are struggling will not be able to cover their rent. So if we can organize to help one family at a time to cover rent for a year at least that gives them breathing room. There are other ways for them to get food stamps and diapers. But what people need right now is rent paid for. A house for them and their children. Lastly, call your local shelter and ask if they have amazon wishlists. Share them if they do. Ya’ll, we have to take care of each other and not all of us have money but if you are on FB then you have enough to share resources to help others. And if you have a phone and/or Wifi then you can hold your officials accountable for the people in your community who need help.

If anyone knows of a family who needs housing or is facing a huge rent bill when evictions resume, please contact me. I have a contact form on this website and I will do my very best to reach out to orgs in their community to see what we can do to help them.

Each one of us can help someone by either holding our officials accountable, donating $10 to a local organization or sharing ideas. It is time for us to stop fighting on social media and to come together to help our neighbors.