Help Families Being Released from Ice Detention

Today there are people on the ground saying that there are releases happening at ICE detention centers and more are expected to be coming.

As a Hispanic/Latina Catholic, I have prayed for this day for years. Way before Trump and here it is. I pray and hope that my people find healing and unity within our own community after the last four years of trauma that was on top of decades of inner conflict and oppression.

I am the granddaughter and daughter of migrant workers in the Texas panhandle and I am proud of that. It is that bloodline that calls me to fight for the rights of workers. My son Anthony was the grandson of someone who came to this country undocumented so that he could have a better life. He worked his entire life for his family to have that better life and my son carried his last name.

If you would like to help through donations here are some places to give to. If you want to make racist comments that seem like political opinions go for it. Please give good people even more of a reason to give and to stand with us.

Rio Grande Catholic Charities respite center:

Immigrant Families Together:

Every Last One:

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us.