My name is Leticia Ochoa Adams. My oldest son Anthony committed suicide on March 8th, 2017. My life has been insane from the day that I was born. I have never met my father and my mother came from a long line of generational poverty and trauma which was handed down to me and I handed on down to my children.

In 2010 I became Catholic and started the hard work of changing my life. I feel that I started healing from my own trauma and breaking the cycle of generational trauma too late for my oldest son’s sake. I know that no one thing led to his suicide and nobody is to blame, but I want to make it my life’s mission to help others who are trying to break their own cycles as much as I can.

I write about life, death, grief, suicide, faith, motherhood, doubts and sometimes like to just write things that really have no purpose other than I need to ramble and I gave up Facebook.

I hope you enjoy my writing. If you don’t please don’t email me to let me know. Just stop reading it.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved you on the JF show today!!! I really identified with your response in looking for a way to feel like I can be in the world but not of the world. I have unfortunately surpressed some things I actually really love about myself in order to feel like I am living virtuously. Think I need some reevaluation…Keep on rockin Leti


  2. Thank you! Yes! I went through that and still kind of do. But it’s all a journey! Thanks for listening. Jennifer is awesome.


  3. Great job on the JF show – I hope you become a regular on there! BTW, I am a closet “Orange Is The New Black” fan so it was great to hear yo and JF talk about shows like Breaking Bad!!!!


  4. Great to have you on the JF show – I hope you will be a regular! BTW, I am a closet “Orange Is The New Black” watcher so it was good to hear your comments on JF and shows like Breaking Bad! Grace+Peace!!!!


  5. No, I have not read the book – but what I love about the show is how everyone has a story (that includes you!!!! 🙂 ) and I can’t wait to hear more from you!!!!


  6. I have heard you on the JF show. Decided to look you up today. The first blog I read (ever) and it was beautifully done. I decided to start following you to see where your journey goes. I haven’t been touched by suicide intimately but I have family and friends in the fight and I know it’s not over. There is an album by Mount Eerie called A Crow Looks at Me. It’s an album about dealing with death (his loss was his wife) There is no explaining this album – it is haunting and it changed my life. Death is real. I found out about it through my son with whom I share a bond of music as you did with Anthony. It’s one of my sons favorite album and we discuss lyrics all the time. Don’t listen to it on shuffle or while working out. It’s no lil Wayne for sure. But it is as raw a thing I have ever heard.


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