AG, Justice and Other Things In The Tension

Today I talk to Sarah Mock a freelance writer in DC. She writes and works in Agricultural and Justice. This is two women raised in rural America talking about life, justice and being women.  You can support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LeticiaOAdams?fan_landing=true.  Or Venmo: @Leticia-Adams-10
  1. AG, Justice and Other Things
  2. Leticia and Laura: A Conversation with two Moms who survived the worst day of their life
  3. Join Leticia’s Ranting while getting Groceries and Starbucks
  4. What is Happening in My Life and a Story
  5. How Can I buy Avocados without Exploiting my own People?
  6. Interview with Regina Boyd LMHC about Mental Health in 2020
  7. Let’s talk About Influencers
  8. How God reminded me He Loves me
  9. Intro and Adult Friendships
  10. Trailer for In The Tension