The Red Door Foundation is a charity that my living children and I want to set up and run in memory of Anthony, my oldest son who died by suicide on March 8, 2017. These are our first objectives:

* Pay for 6 therapy sessions for each member of the immediate family of someone who has died by suicide in our community right after the death.

* Give children who have lost a parent to suicide a build a bear certificate

* Work with victim services of our local police department to offer dinner/food/hotel for families who lose a family member to suicide the day of the death. (this was a lifesaver in my family’s life since we lost Anthony in our home)

* The big goal is to open a free mental health clinic in our town preferably at our parish and expand into the surrounding areas and as far as we can manage.

This is the dream and the idea. What we need is about $1,000 to set it all up. That includes getting a logo, a website, 501c3 status and a CPA to make sure everything is legit. We will be working to raise the money to set up as well as to cover the expenses for up to 6 families. Since Anthony’s suicide, there has been five more in our immediate community.

I have been praying and praying about this and God keeps telling me just to put this out there so that’s what I am doing. I could use any help anyone would like to offer because I literally have no idea what I’m doing, I just know what I want to do and that is to help families who find themselves in this nightmare the best way that I can.

Please pray for this project and if you know of any CPAs in the Austin area that you think would like to help us set everything up, please send them my way! We could also use a website if there are any web designers that would like to help us build one.

If you would like to make a donation, please use the donation button on this page and put Red Door Foundation in the memo so that I can put it in the right account.

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